#200: The Epic Adventure of RealLife English

We’re celebrating the 200th episode of the RealLife English Podcast! If that wasn’t enough of a celebratory occasion, we’ve reached 3 Million subscribers on Learn English with TV Series and 100,000 in the RealLife English YouTube channel. This is all thanks to you! In this episode, Justin and Ethan look back at the origins of RealLife English in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Don’t miss out!


  • The Hero’s Journey
  • Justin and Ethan’s journey before founding RealLife English
  • How RealLife English got started

Words You’ll Learn:

  • Revenge is a dish best served cold
  • Hiatus
  • Pull the rug from under someone
  • Scratch our own edge
  • (Take off) the blindfold
  • To embed
  • Get one’s bearings
  • Aha moment
  • Get an earful
  • A start-up
  • Scrappiness
  • Be thrown into the deep end
  • MVP

Quick Definitions:

  • (Reach a) milestone: A significant stage or event in the development of something.
  • Converge: If lines, roads, or paths converge, they move towards the same point where they join or meet.
  • Outdated: Old-fashioned, obsolete.
  • Hardship: Difficult situation because of lack of money.
  • Waking up experience: An experience that makes you aware of a problem or danger.
  • Mind blowing = extremely surprising.
  • Hustle: To work really hard.
  • Tell someone off: To reprimand someone.
  • Walk the talk: To do what you say you’re going to do.
  • Mentorship: The influence, guidance, or direction given by a mentor (a trusted counselor or guide).

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  • ivan rebolloso says:

    great i want the course but i dont have money im 12 years old

    • Agnieszka Tkacz says:

      You know, I believe English lessons may become a valuable investment in your future 🙂 If you can’t join us now, don’t give up! We have so many great articles, lessons, and podcasts for free!

    • Moumita mandal says:

      Do you know how much money they want for this course

  • Emy says:


  • Emy says:

    You really help me to understand native
    Thanks you ☺️

    • Agnieszka Tkacz says:

      We’re happy to hear that, Emy! Thank you!

  • Mobina Fahimrad says:

    You are my best teachers

  • JABIR says:

    Please Sir!
    Could you help us with PDF of weekly podcast?

  • Abhijit says:

    After watching your channel and listening your podcast my english started improving and some fluency had came in my english language.I like your words that “Don’t feel shame,when you make mistake.”When you realize your mistake,you will learn new things and improvement will come automatically.In future I will continue to watch your channel and listen your podcast ,it changed me a lot and now it becomes a habit of reading books,newspaper and learn new vocab on daily basis which has improved my communication.
    Thank you Ethan and Andrea for sending podcast and video in my mail id on regular basis.

    • Agnieszka Tkacz says:

      That’s great work of yours! Keep it up! Thank you for your support!

  • Gustavo Santos says:

    Hey Guys! It’s Gustavo here from Belo Horizonte. It is amazing to see the picture above and remember the moments you guys lived in BH. I’m in this picture and felt honored, Congrats to you, guys. You have been doing an outstanding job so far. God bless you all

    • Justin says:

      Gustavo, What’s up! Long time no see. Of course I remember you. How’s life treating you? Great to see you’re still following our work! Thank you for all your support! God bless you and enjoy your holidays!

  • Moumita mandal says:

    I’m mad about this podcast…it’s been teaching me to understand you native guys & i can feel the change of mine…

    • Justin says:

      Aww yeah Moumita, that so awesome to hear. That makes us so happy!