#121: Enlighten Your English with Meditation

Are you looking to have less anxiety? Improve your general well-being? Who knows, maybe even improve your learning potential?

In this episode we talk about some of the benefits one can get from a simple meditation practice, how meditation has had an effect on our lives, and more importantly, we break some preconceptions people typically have about meditation in general.

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Words You Should Know

  • dopealope – very informal expression meaning cool (derived from slang term ‘dope’).
  • hula hooping – dance performed by maintaining a circle gyrating around your waist, performed typically by young girls and Justin.
  • shooting hoops – term to talk about playing basketball
  • Aww yeah! –  a RealLife term meaning everything is AWESOME.
  • sore – to be experiencing pain an a certain area. Justin’s legs were sore from playing basketball.
  • soar – to fly though the air (for a bird), or to be very successful (idiomatic term) >> he is soaring in his new job.
  • chill out – to relax, take it easy.
  • look within – to reflect about your actions, and what it really means to be a human, or you.
  • on and off – sporadically, now and then.
  • honk – noise made by a car horn (also used as a verb: to honk)
  • bumper – protective barrier surrounding area of a car.
  • bumper sticker – adhesive label put on bumper, usually with some kind of funny message or picture.
  • honk if you’re horny – common ‘funny message’ which people put on bumper stickers.
  • shake someone loose – to break someone’s rigid beliefs with by telling them some impactful information.
  • to get stuck – to get contained with no means of freeing yourself. >> my friend got stuck in an elevator for 3 hours.
  • transcendental – a place beyond the ordinary range of perception.
  • ohm – a noise often made when meditating, believed to be the sound of the universe.
  • over and over again – repetitively.
  • wandering – to be walking or moving with no real destination.
  • shift – to change.
  • tune – to change the string tension of a guitar so they are the correct musical notes. >> Man, that guitar sounds horrible, you should tune that thing.
  • get into the zone – to enter into a state of consciousness where you become much more productive
  • kick some butt – to do a really good job, or to beat someone in a game or competition. >> He is kicking some butt at work! (he’s doing a good job)
  • you snooze you lose – to say that if you wait to long, you will miss the opportunity.
  • flow state – the state of getting into the zone (see above).
  • pioneer – to be one of the first to do something.
  • trigger – an initial event that causes another series of events.
  • porridge – a wheat based mix eaten for breakfast, known as oatmeal in American English.
  • ping – noise made when messaging people. This has now become a verb. >> If you want to meet up just ping me after work.
  • enlightened – to have reached a transcended state of consciousness.
  • man crush – a non romantic affection from one man to another.
  • bromance – when two male friends are so close they act in a nearly romantic way.
  • rat race – term used to talk about the way humans act, working all day, not spending time on things they like.
  • distain – to change color, to stain.
  • break loose – to free yourself literally, or from certain ideologies or conditioning you may have.
  • grease the wheel – to lubricate in order to make something flow much easier.
  • douchebag – a very arrogant and/or ignorant person (generally a man).

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  • Kelly Brooks says:

    Thanks mate! this could be very helpful to everyone especially to those individuals who are starting to learn and proper subjectives to every sentences

  • Cara Leopold says:

    A genuinely enlightening episode guys, thanks for talking about this subject. I downloaded the Headspace app as a result and I’m now using the paid version (which is a great motivation to do some meditation every day!). I’ve just started the level 2 part and they mentioned how meditation can help us relate better to others, which was one of the reasons I started. I want to be less reactive – not that angry person stuck in traffic. Lol! Thanks again.

    • Hey Cara, I really appreciate your nice words, and that’s so cool that you’re getting into meditation. I want to recommend another cool meditation app that I started using recently called Insight Timer. Way to go with your meditation and keep up the great work!

    • Hey Cara, I really appreciate your nice words, and that’s so cool that you’re getting into meditation. I want to recommend another cool meditation app that I started using recently called Insight Timer. Way to go with your meditation and keep up the great work!