#149: Shopping, Flirting, and Dressing like Steve Jobs

Do you love shopping? Or maybe you only do it when you absolutely must? Either way, it can be extremely frustrating to go shopping when you don’t have the vocabulary to ask for what you need: The right fit? The right fabric? The right cut?

Well, listen to this episode and learn how to navigate the malls in any English speaking country! And hey, you might even fall in love…

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Bombacious – really good, awesome; sexy
  • Fake it ’til you make it – to act like you can do something until you actually achieve the ability to do that thing
  • Until the cows come home – for a very long time
  • To do something to death – to do something for so much time that it begins to bore you
  • Lurk – to remain hidden, awaiting to ambush or attack someone
  • Linger – to stay somewhere longer than necessary or to be slow to disappear
  • Give someone a hand – to help someone with something
  • Browsing – to look things over without plan or action
  • Rags to riches – to rise from poverty into affluence
  • Bargain hunter – someone who is always looking for a good price on things
  • Window shopper – someone who likes to shop, but without actually buying anything
  • Turtleneck – a sweater that rests below the head, as to cover the chin
  • Pull off – to do something well or successfully
  • Wiggle room – to be comfortable or have extra space
  • Wife beater/singlet – a sleeveless undershirt, stereotypically worn by poor, uneducated people
  • Try (something) on – to put something on and see if you like how it looks before buying it
  • Clothes rack – a piece of furniture which you can use to store or hang dry clothing
  • (Clothes) hanger – a metal or wooden hook that can be used to hang and store clothing so it does not become wrinkled
  • On sale – at a discounted price
  • Deal – a good price on something that is usually more expensive
  • Manned by – to have someone operating something


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  • Aarushi Puri says:

    What does ‘word up’ means

  • Dácil says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!