RealLife Radio #103 – Homosexuality, Fashion, and Women’s Clothes

103-postAre you a stylish person, or do you not really care very much about fashion?

In this episode you are going learn a ton of new vocabulary and expressions as we ramble (talk with no direction) about fashion and clothing. We even attempt to describe women’s clothing, although we know we didn’t do a very complete job.

We also discuss, Olympic sprinter Tyson Gay, some embarrassing differences between British and American English, and teach you some common idiomatic expressions related to clothing. Aww yeah!!

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Words You Will Learn

  • Stylish – a person who wear fashionable clothes
  • prejudice – an unfair feeling of dislike for a person or group because of race, sex, religion, etc
  • Take you up on something – to accept someone’s offer
  • Head over – go to a place; I’m heading over to my girlfriend’s house
  • Gay – before referring to homosexuality, gay meant happy
  • Arise – to come up, appear
  • Forbidden – no permitted
  • Wind up – to result in; he wound up quitting his job because his boss was prejudice
  • Birthday suit – expression to say someone is naked; Justin wears his birthday suit when he records the podcast
  • Hoody – a sweat shirt that has a hood which covers your head
  • Free ball – a situation when a man is not wearing underwear
  • Tank top – a shirt with no sleeves used in the summer time
  • Board shorts – shorts used often by surfers
  • Speedo – a small bathing suit; budgie smuggler is an Australian slang for this
  • Behind the times – out of style, not up to date with current trend
  • To be down to earth – to be very genuine andhumble
  • High heels – a women elegant shoe that has a high arching heel
  • Panties – women’s underwear
  • Stockings – very big socks women use to cover their legs
  • Pop into my head – to have a sudden thought appear
  • Mittens – a very warm glove used in winter time
  • Beanie – knitted hat used in winter time


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Random News Story

  • Christian Site Ban on the G Word Sends Homosexual to the Olympics -read more here

Conversation Topic

  • Justin and Chad talk about fashion, the different kinds of clothes used by western people all over the world, and try to explain women’s style.


As people are always asking us to teach more expressions, today we are going to teach you 5 common expressions related to clothing.

  • a wolf in sheep’s clothing
  • below the belt
  • at the drop of a hat
  • to wear the pants
  • from rags to riches

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  • I love the fantastic talking. You both are skilled enough. Referring British and Australian English to. Thanks a lot.

  • Lilmu Brown says:

    I like the way you took it's existing