#155: How Living a Life Beyond Borders Will Transform Your English Fluency

This episode of the RealLife English Podcast is at the TOP of the RealLife Way–so if you have made it this far, congratulations! You are already well on your way to not just learning it, but living it! And the ultimate expression of this is when you can use your English to actually change the world!

I know it sounds like a big goal, but as Gandhi said, “Be the change that your wish to see in the world,” and knowing how to communicate in English is going to exponentially aid you in doing this.

Join us for a mind blowing discussion and also learn how you can get TWO new fluency presents, which will help you to start living a life beyond borders.

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Video’s We Taught

1. The Big Picture

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2. Pale Blue Dot

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Jazz hands  – Shaking one’s hands with palms open
  • Pirouette  – a spin in ballet
  • Cheat/dupe – to trick; to do something in a dishonest way
  • Cheat death – to be in a situation where you almost die
  • Win fair and square – to win without any tricks or cheats
  • Chock full – completely full
  • Embody – to be a tangible or visible form of something
  • Let loose – to set free
  • It comes down to – the main point is
  • Go through (an experience) – to experience something
  • Sneak peek – an early view at something
  • Blow your mind open – to experience a new reality or insight
  • Stage – a raised platform (for example in a theater where plays are held)
  • Dot – a point, a tiny circle
  • Short circuit – to reprogram
  • Humbling – causing one to feel less important or less proud
  • Paradigm shift – a change in one’s reality or way of thinking


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Song: Renald Francoeur – Tour the World

  • jawa says:

    love you guys and I’m really enjoying all the episodes.
    I really regret that I didn’t know about this podcast before.
    You’re really helping and amusing me at the same time.
    Big thanks to you and I really appreciate your hardworking.
    I really love the content that you’re trying to put in your episodes like to be a global citizen, to love each other, to transcend borders,to get to know about people’s history and culture.

  • José Emilio Márquez says:

    It is astounding. I enjoy a lot.