#176: The 6 Best British TV Series To Learn English

We have huge, exciting news in this podcast for you!

In addition to that, in this episode you will learn some of the best TV series to learn British English!


Words You’ll Learn:

  • To be put on the hot seat: all eyes are on you
  • Shift gears: to change subjects
  • Stringy: big, sticky lines (like the the cheese on pizza in cartoons)
  • Something isn’t your cup of tea: expression used to describe something that you dislike
  • Slapstick comedy: style of humor that involves exaggerated physical activity
  • Crass: lacking in sensitivity, refinement, or intelligence
  • Witty: someone that’s very quick when making a joke; well thought out, intelligent
  • Posh: elegant or stylish

Also some differences between American and British:

  • Humor (obvious vs. sarcasm).
  • Words/pronunciation:
    • Aubergine vs. eggplant
    • Jelly vs. Jello
    • Tomatoes vs. tomatoes
  • Received pronunciation, “the Queen’s English”.

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