#167: Am I Too Old to Learn English?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’ll never be fluent in English–I’m too old!” Or maybe you just think that now you are an adult and you can only become fluent when you are a kid.

Whether you are lost and confused or are making excuses for your learning, you will find this episode extremely useful to answer these question.

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Funky – modern and stylish in a surprising way
  • Slurp – to loudly drink something
  • Prunes – dehydrated plums
  • Wheelchair – a chair with wheels used for mobility by a disabled person
  • Roundhouse Kick – to kick someone by throwing ones legs into the air in a spinning motion
  • To mind (something) – to be bothered or annoyed by something
  • To matter – to be important
  • Mind over matter – to use mental strength to overcome physical or emotional suffering
  • To put your mind to (something) – to focus on finding a solution to a problem
  • To grow old – to become older, to age
  • To grow up – to become mature
  • To get jaded – to become warn down and exhausted by life
  • Lucid – showing the ability to think clearly
  • You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – expression commenting that old people (or dogs) can’t learn to do new things — which is of course not true
  • Set in your ways – That you are used to a certain manner of living and resist any change or novelty


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  • Janet says:

    Hi Ethan !
    Great lesson & analysis on topic….

    Thank you .

  • Janet says:

    Hey Ethan ! Great lesson & analysis on topic.. Thanks you ..