#166: 28 Terms and Expressions Related to Death

It’s always hard to find the right words to say when someone dies–and especially when it is not your first language.

You don’t want to be perceived as insensitive or rude, so knowing the correct word or expression to talk about death is crucial. We will show you exactly this–along with some different slang for death–to help you use the say the right thing in any situation!


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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Bombastic – incredible, fantastic (slang)
  • Another nail in the coffin – another negative event contributing to one’s failure
  • Hang glide – extreme sport where one is attached to fixed wings and flies off of a high object
  • Near death experience – an instance where a person almost dies
  • Come to know – to become aware of a piece of knowledge
  • Keep in mind – to maintain in one’s awareness
  • Melancholy – a feeling of pensive sadness, often without cause
  • Remove (something) from the equation – to remove a possibility
  • Kick the Bucket – to die
  • Bucket list – a list of everything one wants to do before dying
  • Drop dead – to suddenly and instantly die
  • Able bodied – fit, able to work or do physical activity
  • Sticky situation – a complex situation without an obvious solution
  • Fertilizer – substance mixed with dirt to help plants grow
  • Morbid – relating to death
  • Worm – invertebrate animals that live underground and have long, soft bodies
  • Homie – a friend (slang)
  • Heartfelt – something said or done with genuine intention
  • End (something) on a high note – to end something in a positive way
  • Friend Zone – when someone you have romantic intention towards only thinks of you as a friend

28+ Expressions for Death and Condolences:

Most Sensitive

  • Pass away
  • Move on to/Go/be in a better place
  • Departed
  • Not with us anymore / No longer with us
  • He’s left us
  • Put down/put to sleep (for a pet)
  • One’s sad demise


  • Kick the Bucket
  • Buy the Farm
  • Go Belly Up
  • Bite the Dust, bite the big one
  • Croak
  • Go to Davy Jone’s Locker
  • Go to live on a farm/upstate 
  • Meet (one’s) maker
  • Pushing up dasies
  • Six feet under
  • Sleeping with the fishes
  • Take a dirt nap
  • Take one’s last bow


  • Dead as a doornail
  • Drop dead

How to Give Condolences

  • My condolences
  • I’m sorry for your loss
  • I’m sorry to hear about his/her passing
  • Please accept our heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your loved one.
  • Words can’t express how saddened we are to hear of your loss.
  • My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family


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