#339: Can You Speak Two Languages? Learn How This IMPROVES Your Health and Brain Capacity, and More!

Learning a second language such as English can certainly bring you benefits. Not only is it helpful to travel, but also for getting better work and study opportunities. But did you know that there are also health benefits to learning a second language? In today’s episode, Thiago & Cassé discuss some of the health benefits that learning a second language brings to your brain.

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Words You’ll Learn in the App

  • In layman’s terms
  • Bulk up
  • Overlook
  • In the long run
  • Onset
  • Decrease
  • Takeaway
  • Suppress
  • Likewise
  • Ace

And many more in the app.

  • Learn more Vocabulary
  • Full Digital Transcripts
  • Speak with People from All Around the World
  • It’s 100% Free

Cognitive Advantages of Bilingualism (Maria Polinsky)
Serious Science

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