#172: How to Have Your Best Year Ever

Have you had a pretty good 2017, but want to do even better in 2018? Do you ever wonder how to make your dreams a reality?

In this episode we talk about how you can take action NOW to have the best year (and decade) ever! Aww yeah!

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Rejuvenating – to make something feel or look better, younger, or fuller of life
  • Noise maker – something used to make loud noises in celebration
  • to turn over a new leaf – to get a new start
  • CPR – Cardiopulmonary resuscitation; used to save the life of someone whose heart is having problems or is having problems breathing
  • Dummy – a large doll used for experiments or testing
  • Jump start – to quickly start something
  • Fall off the Wagon – to start a bad habit or addiction again after a period of recovery
  • Tweak – to make a small change
  • to snowball – to start small, but become something massive


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  • Birgit says:

    Thanks for the interesting podcast. I know how it feels to have too much on my plate. Sometimes I’m really overwhelmed. I want to do as much as possible like listening to podcasts, watching TV shows, work on pronunciation, reading out loud, have conversations, increase my vocabulary. After studying for hours (in case I have days off) I still have the feeling that I might have missed something.
    I really want to try to take baby steps. Repetition is more important than I thought.
    Today I know that I had mostly kind of a passive learning behavior. I’m going to change that and will start practicing every day for maybe 30 minutes. With as much repetitions as necessary into! I am able to talk about THAT topic fluently. That could be an article, a podcast or whatever.
    I’m looking forward to the next podcast!


    • Justin says:

      Hey Birgit, thanks for the nice and in-depth response. And sorry for our delay.Yeah, striking the balance between listening (merely passively) and more focused deliberate practice is key, and when you’re busy it’s super important!

    • Eugene K. says:

      When I was reading your comment, I felt like you were describing me. I have the same problem – I’m not enough passionate and I always try to do as much as possible. Eventually, that attitude just drove me to exhaustion instead of making me a kick-ass English speaker 😉 I felt kind of stuck with my learning and now I understand what was happening. I was just passively getting lots of input but I hadn’t done much deliberate work and I hadn’t made enough output like writing or speaking. Now I can see the problem and I hope I’d be able to get over it.

      Anyway, I want to thank the hosts of the podcast for helping people like me to get better and sharing useful ideas and hints.

      • Justin says:

        Hey Eugene, thanks for the nice comment and support. Keep on rocking your English learning!

  • Justin says:

    Our pleasure, Cristina! Thanks for listening.