#123: Build a Business with Startup English

Have you ever wanted to quit your job? Start your own business? Find your inner entrepreneur?

We love talking about new business ideas, and trying to find creative new ideas which could help us with RealLife. In this episode we have decided to do exactly that, and hopefully inspire someone out there to start their own entrepreneurial journey.

We talk about our startup, give you some cool resources you can use to learn more about entrepreneurism, and teach you some really cool new vocabulary to help you understand more about all these ideas.

Enjoy the podcast and please comment below if you have any questions.

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Words You Should know: 

  • psychedelic – something that enhances your state of consciousness by advancing your senses.
  • scaleable – to be able grow really quickly, for businesses.
  • disrupt – in business it means to cause a big change int the market, causing the whole market to shift.
  • quoting – to repeat someone else’s words, usually to prove a point.
  • fellas – another way to say guys, men.
  • in store – to have something prepared and ready to present, or teach. >> the teacher has an amazing lesson in store for the class today.
  • install – to connect and make function. >> he helped me install an new modem.
  • in the cards – something that is organized or planned to happen in the future.
  • in the thick of it – to be in the middle of something.
  • asleep at the wheel – to not be paying attention.
  • game changer – when something changes the way everybody thinks about a particular topic (when a company disrupts a market it is a game changer).
  • digital nomad – a person who doesn’t have a permanent location and works from all over the globe through their computer.
  • lifestyle design business – a business model which allows you to run your company remotely.
  • pull you into something – to attract you to something without it being your intention.
  • business model – a business plan that shows all the components of a functioning business.
  • startup – a company that can test a market and grow quickly without spending much money or extensive resources.
  • growth hacking – a way of marketing a company without spending much money or resources.
  • pain point – a common problem that people have which a company tries to solve for them.
  • lean – skinny with a healthy figure. For a business, it’s a method for building a company and testing a market without spending much money.
  • traction – the grip that holds your car wheel to the ground. For a business, it means that you have good momentum with you company and it’s starting to grow.
  • affordable – when something isn’t too expensive and most people have enough money to buy it.
  • shoot up –  to grow very quickly
  • hit a nerve – to have contact with a sensitive, or painful area of the body. For business, we can hit a nerve in the market which means we have found a big problem that no other company is solving.
  • dangle – to hang from and be swinging in the air.
  • jolt – a burst of energy
  • crevice – a small hole or surface area, the typical place a rock climber would put her hand when climbing.
  • MVP – a minimal viable product, the simple first version of your product or service.
  • Hacker – originally meaning someone who can break computer code to access private files and software, now it can be referred to just someone who is a good programmer.
  • Hipster – a new fashion style which is commonly associated with designers, especially in the startup world.
  • Hustler – someone who has a business vision, can negotiate really well, and works a lot.
  • Buzz word – a trending word that gets used a lot.
  • Household name – a name that everyone knows and associates with a product or service.
  • Air quotes – hand gestures made when you are quoting someone, being sarcastic or making fun of someone.
  • Name drop – to use a famous person’s name to show that you know who they are.
  • Leave someone hanging –  to leave someone in suspense.
  • FOMO – fear of missing out, the sensation that if you don’t take advantage of an opportunity you will lose it for ever.
  • Off the hook – slang expressions to say something is really cool. >> That party last night was off the hook.
  • Latch onto something –  to attach yourself to something, cling to.
  • Hit home – when something sounds very familiar to you, or something that makes a lot of sense to you.

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