#122: Business English with a Twist

In this episode we have a chat with Shanthi Cumaraswamy Streat from English with a Twist. Shanthi has been teaching business English to professionals for over 6 years now, and has a long history of working in the business and finance world.

Get some great tips and discover more about the interesting things she is doing with her teaching.

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Words you will learn

  • one to one – when a teacher works directly with a student.
  • freelancing – offering your services, not working for a company.
  • affiliate – to have a close relationship with someone for business purposes.
  • to be brutally honest – to be truthful, even if it’s really bad news.
  • a full immersion experience – a learning experience of living with a family, and being totally surrounded by the culture.
  • to get loose – to be very relaxed and less self conscious.
  • cornflakes – common breakfast cereal eaten by kids.
  • to water – to give plants water.
  • strictly professional – to avoid social or intimate situations when working with someone.
  • storyline – the series of events in a story, the plot.
  • spark a curiosity – to initiate someone’s interest in something.
  • monkey brain – the part of your brain that continuously thinks and doesn’t stop.
  • gosh – used to express surprise.
  • handwriting – the style in which you write.
  • journal – a notebook used to write down your thoughts.
  • brown nose – to try really hard to please someone so you can benefit from them.
  • teacher’s pet – a student that treats their teacher really well to get better grades.
  • with a twist – to have an extra element of flavor.
  • to twist someone’s arm – to forcefully make someone do something (often used sarcastically)
  • your background – the history of your life (work background is important to get a good job)
  • convoluted – when someone explains something in a very difficult way.
  • rambling – to talk a lot without having a real direction with what you are saying.
  • to go out of the window – to get disregarded, not exist anymore.
  • elevator pitch – a short explanation yourself, or your business used to persuade people.
  • cocktail party – a formal party with alcohol, usually early in the evening.
  • tailor – a professional that measures and fits clothes for men.
  • a mock interview – a fake interview used to practice.
  • jeopardize – to put in risk.
  • dual – an old western gun fight where two cowboys count to 10 then turn around and shoot each other.

Interesting things mentioned in the Podcast:

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