#199: English Expressions that Confuse Everyone!

Ethan and Andrea go over a list of rather strange-sounding idioms. Have you ever heard “Bob’s your uncle!” or “My neck of the woods”? Learn about those and a few more in today’s podcast.


  • Idiomatic expressions that don’t make much sense (at first hearing at least).

Words You’ll Learn:

  • Playwright: someone who writes plays.
  • Sharp: intelligent.
  • Out of this world = incredible.
  • To bob: make a quick, short movement up and down with you head.
  • Mind Blowing: extremely amazing, impressive.
  • Soften the blow: To make an unpleasant change or piece of news seem less unpleasant and easier to accept.
  • Claws: The claws of a bird or animal are the thin , hard , curved nails at the end of its feet.
  • A comeback: a reply.
  • Timid = shy.
  • Lost for words: unable to speak because of confusion, surprise, etc.
  • Feeling gloomy: sad because you think the situation will not improve
  • Withdrawal: a period during which someone feels ill because they have stopped taking a drug or other substance that they are addicted to.
  • Lecture someone: an act of criticizing someone or warning them about something in a long serious talk, in a way that they think is unfair or unnecessary.
  • Gauge: to calculate


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  • Juciara says:

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    • Agnieszka Tkacz says:

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