#134: Relationship Idioms from Friends TV Series

Today we’ve got an awesome, hilarious, and highly educational podcast about Relationship Idioms From Friends TV Series. We also talk about education, and the fascinating psychology of multiple intelligences and how it can help you discover your unique talent and style for learning English.

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Words to Know

  • Chillin’ like a villain: funny expression to say that you’re very relaxed and feeling okay.
  • Cool as ice: relaxed
  • Under your belt: accumulated experience in something
  • Notch your belt: accumulated achievements (including sexual conquests)
  • Chauvinistic: masculine to the point of offending women
  • Kinesthetic: related to the feeling of the senses or body
  • The Big Picture: Having a more ample, all-encompassing notion of reality
  • Without further ado: without any further delay or wait
  • Get the ball rolling: to get things moving
  • To Crash (on Somebody’s Couch): to sleep as a guest in a casual way
  • Nuisance: something that annoys or causes problems
  • Couchsurf (as an expression): to alternate sleeping on the couches of your friends
  • That’s what friends are for: expression used to justify doing good and helping friends
  • Drift apart: to gradually stop participating in a friendship and therefore feel disconnected
  • Driftwood: the type of wood that drifts in the ocean and ends up on beach somewhere
  • Come out of your shell: to become less shy and more vulnerable in social situations
  • (to be) Gang(ed) up on: to have several people outnumber and go against a person physically or verbally
  • Ciggy/ Cancer Stick: different ways to say cigarette
  • Opening Line: the first phrase you’d say to someone you’re romantically interested in
  • Pickup line: an eloquent phrase used to impress somebody you’re romantically interested in
  • Bum (a cigarette): to ask for something small for free (usually a cigarette)
  • Cheesy: something that tries too hard to impress but that lacks taste or sophistication
  • Friend Zone: when you get stuck being friends with someone you’re romantically involved in (often because you never “made a move”)
  • Make a Move: to try to initiate romantic relations with somebody
  • Breach: break the barrier
  • Have a Crush On: to secretly intend to be with somebody romantically
  • Be a Thing (with Somebody): the initial exciting stage of a relationship when you’re not “together,” but you are something not yet defined.
  • Hooking up: to have a casual romantic relationship with somebody (with or without sex) Read More Sex and Dating Expressions
  • Delve into: to explore a topic
  • TV Show: TV Series
  • Slap in the face: something that insults you in a surprising and painful way after previous harm done
  • Add insult to injury: something that insults you after previous harm done
  • Pour salt in their wounds: to intentionally aggravate an emotional pain

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Multiple Intelligences (Howard Gardner)

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