RealLife English Podcast 115: A New Way of Education

Ever thought the education system was ‘F’-ed up?

We always have and in this week’s podcast we talk a little bit about what we think is wrong with the way the education system works.

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Words you will Learn:

Kung Pow – type of Chinese food
Roomies – roommates, people that live in the same house
Flatmates – British version of roommate
Fornicate – to have sex
Right hand man – a person who assists you a lot and really helps you
Pun – when a word has two meanings and it has a joke
‘F’ed up – fucked up (bad word) to be messed up or wrong in some way
F bomb – term used to describe the ‘F’ word
Derogatory – insulting or disrespectful
Iterate – quickly learn then change based on mistakes
detrimental – causes damage to something
Flaws – sign now weakness of defect
Mindset – the way in which you think and perceive the world
Regurgitate – 
to vomit or speak about things that you haven’t even processed
Cookie cutter – a standard size for cookies, or in education making every course the same independent of their intelligence
Ties in – to connect to or be relevant
Have a knack for something – to have a talent for something
Existential – things related to being a human and human consciousness
Standardise – to cause to conform to the normal way of doing
Updated – modernise or bring up to date
Tied to it’s roots –
to similar to the old way of doing something
Far flung – from far away
Standard curriculum – to standard materials that are taught at school
New Era – a new period of time
A rabbit hole – an endless hole, usually used in to imply a the there is no end to a conversational topic
Likeminded – people who think the same way

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  • Yogesh maccks says:

    Hey guys
    I m really happy that you’re back into action
    I have been waiting since june for the new podcast. This podcast is really superb in this episode you guys explained tons of new vocabularies and phrases awesome .chad you’re awesome man i like your humour very entertaining. Justin, chad and ethan thank you so much for new podcast especially chad you’re voice is awesome man
    Aww yeah
    from (INDIA )