RealLife Radio #100 – The Fascinating Story of RealLife English

post-imageLet’s celebrate 100 episodes of RealLife Radio. Aww Yeah!!!

For such a special occasion we are going to focus this podcast on telling the story of RealLife English, and how this whole movement started. From 2 roommates, to a community of over 120,000 English learners and speakers from all over the world, and plenty more exciting stuff coming in the very near future.

We also wanted to give big thanks to everyone who has supported us and given us great feedback from the very beginning.

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Words You Will Learn:

  • Rad – awesome, cool,
  • Freaking – less offensive alternative to f#*king
  • Stoked – to be excited about something
  • Road trip – to travel a long distance by car or bus
  • Super duper – older expression used to say really good
  • Let it rip – go for it, let it go
  • Rip one – fart, flatulence
  • Roommate – a person you share an apartment with
  • Brainstorm – to come up with a lot of ideas for discussion and/or elaboration
  • Throw a party –  to organize a party (we never say MAKE a party)
  • Win-win situations – a situation where everyone involved is benefitting
  • Fulfilled – getting gratification out of what you do
  • Freeloader – someone who expects to receive things without giving in return
  • Appealing – interesting, attractive
  • To wing something – to perform something without preparing anything
  • Brag – to talk highly about yourself to others
  • Get onboard – to start taking part in an organization


  • Noha from Palestine – “Hey folks! I’d love to thank you so much for this super duper experience in learning English. I’ve never imagined that I would listen to the same podcast four to six times. Yeah, I do so. Listening to it one time, two times, or even three times is never enough.” 

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Kickass Quote:

  • “Small acts when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world.” – Howard Zinn

Conversation Topic:

  • Learn about the epic tale (classic story) of RealLife English and how we evolved from to friends who randomly started sharing an apartment, to creating a global movement of English learners and speakers.
  • This conversation topic was suggest by a big RealLife English fan, an awesome member of our community, and a friend of ours, Rawda from Egypt. Thanks for all the support!

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  • Take a look at what some of our members from all around the world have to say about the RealLife English movement. Are you ready to get involved?

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  • Fantastic work, Chad. Congratulations!

  • Janet Abedi says:

    My lovely teachers ,,,
    Congratulations ,,, you did it .!! Awesome 🙂
    When I joined this group, I didn't joined just to learn English but also to live it . and it happened.. I have lived this Language every day with a lovely family I found and can say my second family , brothers & sisters…,,, and all this I owe to you my dear teachers who created this great group.. please keep it up ,, and as always I need your support.
    Aaawww Yeaaaah !