#391: How I Stopped Being Shy and Started This Podcast, My Journey of Learning 6 Languages as a Shy Person, and More!

Most of you know Ethan, the host of this Podcast. What you probably DON’T know is that he’s not always been as confident in the way he speaks and teaches English. And I know that he’s also learned 6 different languages while considering himself to be a really shy and introverted person — he actually says he’s still a shy person to this day! So what’s going on there? If you want to overcome your shyness and speak more confidently, then join me in this conversation with Ethan where he shares everything about his journey of going from being a totally shy teacher to a confident podcaster!

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Words You’ll Learn in the App

  • Cringe
  • Tweak
  • Homebody
  • Be stuck in rut
  • Insurmountable
  • Laugh something off
  • Wallflower
  • Right off the bat
  • Reek
  • Abhor

And many more in the app.

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