#188: 15 Useful Expressions Natives Use All the Time

Do you ever wish that you could speak more like a native? In today’s podcast Ethan and Andrea will teach you 15 advanced English expressions that natives use all the time!


  • 15 Common English Expressions

Words You’ll Learn:

  • Superb: very good, excellent.
  • Abruptly: suddenly.
  • Path: a line of travel or access.
  • To get demotivated: to get less interested or enthusiastic about something.
  • A contradiction: a situation or ideas in opposition to one another. 
  • Paradoxical: something that seems absurd or self-contradictory.
  • To be well-behaved: to conduct oneself in an appropriate manner.
  • Pick your brain: to talk to someone in order to get helpful information or advice.
  • Pick your nose: to remove mucus from your nose with your finger.
  • To wrack one’s brains: to make a great effort to think of or remember something.
  • Top of mind: something is on everyone’s mind.
  • To juggle things: to do several things at the same time.
  • To brake the car: to slow down or stop the car by using the brake.
  • Rush of adrenaline: a feeling of excitement, stimulation and enhanced physical ability produced in response to a sudden stress situation.
  • Shock: a sudden upsetting or surprising event or experience.
  • Paralysis: the loss of the ability to move, typically as a result of illness or injury.
  • Headlights: a powerful light at the front of a motor vehicle or railway engine.
  • A birdie: a small bird.
  • To hear something through the grapevine: to hearnews from someone who heard the news from someone else.
  • Extensive: something that covers or affects a large area.
  • To be a breeze: to be very easy.


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  • Allen says:

    Hi Ethan,
    Thank you for making this awesome program. Do we have Transcripts to refer?



  • Excellent podcast but the words on the post are not matching with the ones you’ve talked about on the audio. Is that ok? An intended action? Thanks for sharing these amazing resources. Cheers!

    • Justin says:

      They should be! Which words are not?

  • joycejoyceho says:

    I have listened to real life for about half a year. In my past learning English, I have never tried such interesting experience. Real life has made my life on the road to learning English fun and joyful. Last Sunday, I introduced reallife to my sister and relatives. My sister shared with me yesterday: watching real life youtube makes me laugh. Now no matter I work in the kitchen, take a bath, take care of children, I will listen to real life podcast all day long. Heartfelt Thank you RealLife team for bringing an interesting experience to our English learners.

    Btw, I listened to it repeatedly, I still don’t know what the 11th and 14th are.

    The following are the notes I wrote while listening to your Podcast.
    15 Useful Expressions Natives Use All the Time

    1. Never say never
    2. At the end of the day
    3. It’s what it is
    4. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do
    5. I would like pick your brain
    6. I can’t think about off the top of my head / I don’t know off the top of my head right now
    7. Keep someone on their toes
    8. You get what u paid for
    9. Put yourself in my shoe / put yourself in he/she shoe
    10. I have a lot on my plate
    11. like could do your headline (?)
    12. a little birdie told me(?)
    13. Long time no see
    14. free Britney (?)
    15. Pouring tear (?)

    • Zhangir says:

      Thanks a lot, I owe you a big one;)

  • Amara Mustapha says:

    Thank you so much

  • Daisy says:

    It’s a real pleasure to hear you every week, you are became my routine since the lockdown on March
    Thanks to your podcasts, I can improve my connected speech
    Thank a bunch for your superb work

    • Justin says:

      Aww yeah, Daisy, thanks for commenting, listening, and above all your support!