#157: Why the World is Better Than You Think.

Ethan writing you from Barcelona where, as you may be aware, there were recently some terrorist attacks from the 16th – 18th of August, 2017. Fortunately, I was not personally affected, but these tragic events definitely got me thinking. In this episode of the RealLife English Podcast we will discuss this bad news, and why the future is probably better than you think.

The headlines all say some variation of “14 Dead in the Attacks in Barcelona.” And although this is effective and impactful to see at the front of the newspaper, it is way too impersonal.

Don’t think of 14 dead. Think of the 14 individuals, each with a name, a face, a family–and perhaps more importantly–dreams that now they will never have the possibility to accomplish. Their potential was stolen from them, but you and I are still here. And you and I need to remember that our time, our potential, our dreams can be taken at any moment. We have to act NOW. By telling ourselves that we will have time tomorrow, or next week, or next year to achieve our dreams we avoid the reality that the victim yesterday could have been you or me. And it is a disrespect to those that did have their dreams stolen from them yesterday if you and I don’t at least try to make ours a reality today.

I truly send my heart out to any of you affected by the events here in Barcelona, or anywhere else. Here we might say, “Tots units fem força,” — united we are stronger! And it’s never more than in times of tragedy that we see how real this is. Together we will not give up in the face of a few cruel individuals. Together we can make our dreams a reality. Together we can make a better tomorrow.

Let’s continue the good fight together, you and I! Much love from Barcelona️ ❤️!

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Learn more about the RealLife Radio Power Lesson course
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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Scramble – to mix up eggs into a consistent liquid
  • Get it done – to accomplish a goal or task
  • Go back in time – to travel to the past
  • Umph – exerting force
  • Take a different spin (on something) – to look at something with a different perspective
  • Short and to the point – concise
  • Set the mood – to create a foundation for what you will discuss
  • Claim to fame – the thing that makes someone famous
  • Secular – not religious
  • Atheist – someone who does not believe in any God
  • a growth – a cyst or other sort of benign tumor
  • Battle scar – something that is a reminder or trophy of a victory you had
  • Injured – hurt
  • In the belly of the beast – in the most dangerous or chaotic part of an event
  • The Eye of the Hurricane – in the middle of a dangerous or chaotic event, but that is strangely calm
  • Acquaintance – someone you have met, but do not yet consider a friend
  • Touch (someone’s) heart – to be emotionally moved by an action
  • Outrage – full of anger or negative emotion
  • Rile up – to get someone excited or angry
  • Echo chamber – characterized by a period in which you hear everyone talking about or saying the same thing
  • Pardon my French – used to excuse one from using curse words
  • Alarming – frightening, marking a possible problem
  • Go to hell in a hand basket – to be in a negative state of no return
  • Doomsday – the end of the world


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  • Cristina Serafim says:

    Thank you, Justin & Ethan for sharing my heartfelt comment on the podcast. I’ve been learning so much with each and everyone in the RealLife Fluency Circle! And I do believe there’s so much more good than evil in the world. BTW, your podcasts rock my world!!! 🙂