#226: How to Use Dating Apps to Learn English

In this week’s podcast, we’re talking all about how you can use dating apps to practice your English. We discuss why these apps are useful to learn English and how you can start today. We’ll also tell you how you can start a conversation and reply as well as some safety issues to be aware of.

Words You’ll Learn:

  • Hell of a something
  • What the hell attitude
  • Flirt
  • Pluck up the courage
  • Platonic
  • Swipe
  • Sketchy (US) / Dodgy (UK)
  • Discreet
  • Blank profile
  • Shallow
  • Brash
  • Beat around the bush
  • Hookup
  • Embed / Embedded
  • Get catfished

Quick Definitions:

  • Joyful: feeling, expressing, or causing great pleasure and happiness.
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice“: if you squeeze an orange, you extract its juice by pressing it with your fingers.
  • Spice up your love life”: make it more interesting.
  • Frightened: scared.
  • “It’s very important that you get your reps in”: this is a way of saying that you need to practice. A rep (short for “repetition”) is one movement of a muscle in a workout exercise.
  • “You’re always hinting at your personal life”: Ethan says this because Ollie often talks about his personal life.
  • “We’re not going to dive in too deep into my personal life”: Ollie means that he isn’t going to give you a lot of details about his personal life. To dive in deep means to examine a subject in a lot of detail.
  • Small talk: polite friendly conversation about unimportant subjects
  • Add vocabulary to your arsenal“: the equipment, methods etc. that someone can use to help them achieve something
  • Break the ice: do or say something to relieve tension or get conversation going in a strained situation or when strangers meet
  • Laugh (something) off: To laugh something off means to laugh at an unpleasant situation in order to make it seem less important.


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  • Andrew says:

    Totally agree with that. I had never used dating apps before I heard such an advice, so after a while I decided “Why not?)” and started to use one of them. There are, actually, quite a few people there who use these apps for the same purpose, I personally don’t write in the bio that I’m here only for learning English, but when conversation starts I always say that and basically people understand it without getting angry or something like that. Once a girl texted me and asked about my location and I, of course, said that it’s not the real location, sorry, I’m here basically for learning the language, but then she replied with laughing like “same stuff here”, that was funny)
    By the way, the word “catfish” I learnt exactly through using that kind of apps)
    I used to change my location on the US, but now it says that I live in Australia)))

    • Agnieszka Tkacz says:

      Wow! Thank you, Andrew, for sharing your story!

  • Julio says:

    I’ve been following the Learn English With TV Series’ channel pretty much since its beginning and every time a new video is uploaded I watch it to be all caught up. A few months ago I decided to give the podcast a try, since the moment I listened to the first episode I just got addicted, so good, nice conversation, fun and most important real life English! So I’ve been listening to at least one episode a day until now, the last one uploaded, I feel a little sad that I’m not gonna have episodes to listen to whenever a want anymore, only when a new one is posted, it was already part of my life and my daily routine. Love you guys, you’re the best!
    P.S.: If you wanna make someone’s dream come true just invite me to do a podcast, I’d love to do that, plus I have an interesting story about my English learning journey to share.

    • Agnieszka Tkacz says:

      This is beautiful what you wrote! I, as an avid listener, can totally relate to it!

  • Aldo says:

    How can I get transcript about podcast #226, in my case I need improve my listening. Thank you for all