#161: How to Be Funny in English (Special Guest: Luke’s English Podcast)

Have you ever been frustrated because you heard other people laughing, but didn’t understand the joke in English? And do you want to be able to use your English to make other people laugh?

If your answer is “yes,” then we have the perfect podcast episode for you here. We brought on Luke, from Luke’s English Podcast to give you some expert advice about humor–because Luke is not only a kickass British English teacher, he is also a comedian!

Learn more about Luke’s life, how he became a teacher, how you can use comedy and be funnier in English and more, Aww Yeah!

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Side-splitting – very funny
  • Irresistible – impossible to avoid or live without
  • Contagious – characterized by being spread from one person to another
  • Develop a taste for (something) – to begin to enjoy something
  • Standup (comedy) – type of entertainment where a person makes jokes or tells anecdotes with the objective to make the audience laugh
  • A Set (in standup comedy) – a round of jokes told by a comedian
  • Like a deer in the headlights – with an expression of complete shock
  • Canned laughter – the background laughter used in TV series
  • One man show – a comedy show of featuring just one comedian
  • Martini – a classy drink with gin and vermouth
  • Tuxedo – a fancy suit often worn at events like weddings, or by James Bond
  • Speculating – to form a theory without firm evidence
  • Fill (someone) in – to inform (someone)
  • Pull an all-nighter – to spend all night working or studying without sleeping
  • Lads – friends, mates (British English)
  • One’s go-to – something that a person is characterized by doing
  • Frantically – in a distraught way due to fear or anxiety
  • Chilled out – relaxed
  • Inhibitions – a feeling that makes one unable to act in a natural way
  • (Something) gets its claws into you – something takes hold of you, makes you unable to escape
  • Dry sense of humor – subtle humor
  • Slapstick – physical comedy, characterized by someone getting hurt for the audiences entertainment
  • Schadenfreude – taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune  
  • Bit parts – unimportant roles in a play, series, or movie


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  • sky says:

    Comparison between American and British humore is quite interesting!

  • laribi benamar says:

    your method ethan is wonderfull unfortunetly i can’t send my payment because i am retired with small retribution
    i suggest to you to create” ethan center” in my town in west algeria to contribute to give algerians more english for helping ours students to get more science and technologies at foreigns countries you must know that there were lot of english centers in oran like berlitz center british center and american corner i wish you a great success with your pleasant methods in algeria here in my

    coutry i can pay your courses if thy are not expensives
    good luck benamar

  • copy says:

    Luke’s dialect is very hard to understand for me. I prefer Ethan dialect, it is easy to listen.

  • Ayuk Divinette says:

    Great life expressions

  • Zainab says:

    Ohh god ! I really I enjoyed this podcast and laughed alot ,I’ve finally realized how amazing english is with these incredible resources 💙continue working ,your the best ever !!