6 Funny Ways to Say Something is Expensive in English (Video Lesson)

Are you sick and tired of the way that everyday things just keep getting more and more expensive?

Unfortunately this is a reality that we just have to accept, but that doesn’t mean we can’t complain about it! In this episode of RealLife TV we hit the streets to find REAL situations in order to teach you these common, and funny, expressions used to show that something is expensive.

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– Hey what’s up guys this is Chad from RealLife English. I’m here with another episode of RealLife TV and I’m here with glen what’s up glen?

– What’s up guys how are you?

– He’s the new RealLife English guy right?

– Brand new I’m a little nervous but I’m loving it.

– So me and Glen we were just talking about how things in Brazil are a little bit expensive, so we decided to make a little bit of a video to teach you guys some expressions all related in expressing that something is expensive right?

– Yeah, it’s going to be a little funny so I hope you guys enjoy.

– Yeah, alright, so let’s do this

– Let’s do it.

– Let’s hit the streets.

Break the Bank

Ok so me and my Chinese brother here are tired of eating rice and beans every day. We want to eat some sushi but I’m going to have to break the bank to buy it because it’s so expensive. What a shame, I’m sorry.

Ok, the first expression we are going to learn about describing things that are expensive is break the bank. Basically that means your bank, all of your money will be broken and gone. You’re poor if you buy this, like the sushi, this is my problem I want sushi, that’s it.

Cost a Pretty Penny

– What’s your name?

– Nelson

– Ok guys I was walking down the street and I met my good friend Nelson, all good Nelson?

– All good brother

– And I wanted to know how much was some strawberries for me to buy here today they look so delicious. How much are the strawberries?

– 3 for 10, 10 Reis for each little strawberry

– I don’t know what that sounds like to you but to me it seems like that’s going to cost a pretty penny.

– The next expression is when something costs a pretty penny, again another way to say that something is very expressive you can say that costs a pretty penny.  Like my friend Nelson’s strawberries here.

Cost and Arm and a Leg

Alright, I was walking down the street and I saw something that was really beautiful, here it is the shorts. I’ve always wanted this so much but as you can see the manikin shows us it costs an arm and a leg so I guess I can’t wear these tomorrow for my date.

Alright, the next expression I’m going to teach you is when something costs an arm and a leg, and Sarah here shows us that you actually have to give a part of yourself to get something, and these shorts that aren’t even finished yet cost 90 Reis.

Pay out the ass

So was walking down the street doing some window shopping and I noticed this beautiful handbag which I thought really matched my personality. But when I saw the price I realized I would have to pay out the ass for some fake leather handbag.

The next expression to show that something is really expressive, you can say to pay out of the ass for something. And the reason why we say this, Uhh, I have no idea.

Tight Ass

Alright we have been learning some expression describing things that are expensive so if you actually find a place that is relatively cheap, 1.99 for everything, and you still don’t want to buy it, you are a tight-ass and you look like this. So, don’t be a tight-ass.

Rip Off

Ok, I remember when I was in the US that McDonalds is considered a shitty-ass fast food restaurant but here in Brazil it’s a luxury. Here it’s a f#*king Rip off, do not eat here.

This last expression that we learnt here today is rip off, it’s basically whenever you are describing something that overcharges a product that is quite shit. That’s it.

Alright so we’re here in Belo Horizonte and we’re teaching the locals here some cool vocabulary, here we go.

Mcdonalds rip off, McDonalds is a rip off, McDonalds is a rip off

Exactly, enjoy!

Beer Time

Well that’s the end of our episode of RealLife TV, expression related to stuff that’s expensive. Thanks a lot Glen for helping us today.

Hey no problem I had a lot of fun.

So one thing we notice in Brazil is not too expensive, and something that we all enjoy would be a beer. Awesome.

Thanks a lot guys and see you next time on RealLife TV.

  • Danny Orsel says:

    Glenn, mate! Big mistake we foreigners make! It is not the -everything for- 1,99 store! It is FROM 1 TO 99 reais. Loved the video!

  • Ethan Zinho says:

    Awww yeah! Awesome video Chad and Glenn! Laughed a lot

  • Great video, my friends! Keep up the good work!

  • gopi patel says:

    Hey, after completing the entire article, I just loved the way the writer did justice to all the topics or points that had to be covered in this post. These days I come across too many posts where there is no link between the headline and the body of the content. But in your post, I loved the way you connected each topic with the other. I am Tweeting this post as I simply find it useful and shareworthy!

    • Agnieszka from RealLife English says:

      We’re happy that you found it useful and fair 🙂 Thank you for sharing, Gopi!