Phrasal Verbs with FUCK

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I’m going to give you a warning before we start that this is a video that could be offensive to some people. If you’re not interested in learning this kind of English, then you might want to switch to one of our other, more appropriate English videos.

For those of you who are wanting to learn REAL LIFE English, then you’re going to be able to learn a lot today.

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So, today I’m going to teach you about 6 phrasal verbs using the word fuck.

Is this RealLife?

Alright guys, so, let’s get started with these 6 phrasal verbs with the word fuck.

Fuck Up

So, the first phrasal verb that I’m going to teach you today is fuck up.

So, what does fuck up mean? Fuck up can have a negative connotation, meaning to do something really badly.

So, for example, “I didn’t study for my English test and I really fucked it up.”

Fuck up can also mean that you hurt someone really badly. So, if you “Hey, if you don’t leave my friend alone, I’m really going to fuck you up.”

So, either of these, you probably need to be careful when you use them. The first one, you could use in a little bit more jokingly way with friends, the second one, you might be starting a fight if you actually say that to someone. And if you hear it, then you might want to run.

You can also use fuck up to say that someone got confused really badly, like emotionally. So, you know, that really fucked someone up in the head.

hungoverWe can also use this like “fucked up.” So, if someone, if something got fucked up, that means that it got, like, destroyed, you could say that someone got really hurt, they got fucked up, or again that something was done in a really bad way.

Get fucked up, when you use it with get, that can mean to get really, really drunk.

For example – “The party last I got really fucked up and I have a really bad hangover today.”

Fuck Over

Alright, so what’s the second phrasal verb?

The second phrasal verb is fuck over.

So, fuck over, if you fuck someone over, it means that you leave them in a really bad position.

So, for example, “I really fucked over my brother, because I forgot to pick him up at the airport, and he had to sleep there overnight.” So, that’s a fuck over.

Fuck With

The next one is fuck with.

So, this can have different meanings.

The first one confuses a lot of my friends, when we’re speaking English, it’s their second language, they hear “I’m just fucking with you” and they get really confused, like “What do you mean, you’re fucking with me?” They take it literally, like the word fuck.

But fuck with can actually mean that you’re joking with someone. So, if you tell someone, to someone something, and they look shocked or something, and you just want to say that you’re joking, you say “No, no, don’t worry, I’m just fucking with you.”

The other meaning it can have is, if you say with something, fuck with something. So, this can mean to mess with something, to play with it or to fix it.

It’s like “Hey, what are you doing with my computer?” “Oh, I’m just fucking with it, I’m just trying to fix something.”

Fuck Around

The next phrasal verb is fuck around. So, if you’re fucking around, it means that you’re spending your time doing something that’s not really important.

So, for example, “I told my brother to stop fucking around watching TV and to help me clean the house.”


Fuck Around With

The next one, this is similar, is fuck around with.

So, fuck around with is very similar to fuck with, but it’s got a more negative connotation.

So, “What are you doing, fucking around with my computer? I didn’t tell you to do that.”

Fuck Off

don't keep calmAlright, guys, and the last phrasal verb is fuck off.

So, generally, you use this in the imperative, to tell someone to go away, or to leave you alone.

So, if you yell fuck off at someone, that means that you want them to leave, you want them to go away.

You can also use this is someone tells you something and you don’t believe them. So, someone would tell you someehing that is really incredulous, and you would say “fuck off, no way!”


Alright guys, so, I want to remind you, as always, to be very careful with this kind of English.

It’s something that you need to be aware of how it’s used, to maybe pay attention to it, when you’re watching movies, or different TV shows if you hear this used, but that it can be very useful if you’re wanting to speak authentic English, because we do use this language.

Alright guys, have a good one.


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