10 Words Related to DRINKING

When learning a language people don’t usually focus on expanding their vocabulary for specific subjects. In this episode you are going to learn 10 specific and useful words related to DRINKING.

Don’t worry if you don’t drink alcohol, this vocabulary is related to drinking in general.
(See transcript below)

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Aw yeah, what’s up, guys? Welcome to another 1 minute episode of RealLife TV. Today, I’m going to teach you 10 new words, all related to drinking.

Is this RealLife?

Ok, guys, the first word I’m going to teach you today is to take a sip. To take a sip is when you take a very small drink of your beverage. Next verb is to slurp. Slurp you often hear when someone is drinking with a straw.

Next word is to gulp. Gulp is to take a very big sip, generally you make a noise with your throat, which is *gulp*. That’s a gulp.

The next word I’m going to teach you guys is swig, to take a swig. To take a swig is just to take a very quick but very deep drink of someone’s liquid. So, I could say “hey, man, can I take a quick swig of your water?”

The next three words all have the same meaning. They are skull, which is more common in Australian and British English, and chug, and pound. This is when you drink the whole cup, or the whole bottle, in one go. Often seen in college movies.

Ok, guys, the next two words are all about dispersing liquid. First one is to spill, and that is when you disperse the liquid unintentionally. Often, red wine, if yous spill red wine on yourself it often stains your clothes. It’s usually an accident. And the last one is to pour. Pour is when you transfer liquid from one bottle or glass to another. This is more common when you’re serving someone. For example, when I’m going to pour someone a drink – “can I pour you anotherdrink?”

And, the last one, my favorite, is when you are going to toast to someone in English, toast means to touch glasses in a commemorative way, and that word is cheers. Cheers, guys!

So, I hope you enjoyed this one minute lesson, and I’ll see you next time on RealLife TV. Aww yeah!

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