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English Fashion: Describe Your Style in English

The subject of fashion is in the air (everyone is talking about it) this week, but is your English vocabulary up to scratch (good enough) to talk about different clothes and styles? Well, thanks to our good friends from Kaplan International we are going to help you out with this today by presenting you with…

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How to Use the Word THEN with Dogs and Ice-cream

Do you know all the different ways THEN is used in the English language? In this episode of RealLife TV you are going to discover some great ways to use this versatile word which will ultimately help your English fluency. See full transcript below [leadplayer_vid id=”5400D71632FB3″] Subscribe to us on YouTube here | Get our FREE Mini…

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15 of the Most Important Phrasal Verbs

Do you find phrasal verbs frustrating? They really are much simpler than you might think. You just have to learn them like any other new vocabulary. Phrasal verbs are important because we native speakers use them all the time. There are many other words that you can use instead of phrasal verbs, that might be cognates…

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Using the word MATE: British and Australian English

Diversify your vocabulary and connect to people more with the word MATE! The word “mate” is very common in Australian and British English and can help you sound a lot more natural when speaking Englsih in these places. Although it’s not used in American English, it is understood by English speakers all over the world.…

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10 Words Related to DRINKING

When learning a language people don’t usually focus on expanding their vocabulary for specific subjects. In this episode you are going to learn 10 specific and useful words related to DRINKING. Don’t worry if you don’t drink alcohol, this vocabulary is related to drinking in general. (See transcript below) [leadplayer_vid id=”534C4885E4338″] Transcript Aw yeah, what’s…

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Borrow and Lend, What’s the difference?

Have you ever borrowed somebody money? If you have I’m sorry to say that you have just made a common mistake. Even though the words BORROW and LEND are used in the same situation, there is a big difference in meaning. In this lesson you will learn how to really use these words and never…

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Everyday English: English for Cafés and Restaurants (with VIDEO)

Do you ever feel like you know a lot of English, but you’re missing some basics? Or, perhaps, that your English is too formal or polite, and you’re not speaking like we natives actually do? When I’ve traveled, even in places where I know the local language well, I sometimes realize that I forget the most basic,…

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Never Confuse Say, Tell, Talk, and Speak Again

Have you ever confused the words say, tell, talk, and speak? If you answered “yes” then welcome to the club! These four words are commonly confused by English learners from all over the world. In this episode of RealLife TV you are going to discover the subtle difference between these similar words and never confuse…

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