Sound Fluent Using Animal Idioms

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Attention all animal lovers and English learners!

Do you want to expand your English vocabulary in a fun and interesting way? Using common idioms can really diversify your English and make you sound a lot more fluent and natural. 

Do you consider yourself a road hog? Or, are you more of an eager beaver. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, check out the awesome illustration below.

The team from Kaplan International have creatively made this funny illustration to help you all familiarize yourselves with some of the most common animal idioms English speakers use in everyday conversation.

For more illustrations like this one, check the links below.

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  • Mgdy Elbasha says:

    I like to add my self….until become friend.

  • Mani Ali says:

    very useful

  • Felipe Sanz Sanz says:


  • I have enjoyed and learned some from this infographic, I think the learners should see some more sentences and exercises about them to use in their lives.