Reallife Radio 143 – Should I Learn English After Brexit

ESL, English, Brexit

In 2016 the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union in what was called Brexit. As the dust still hasn’t really settled (it’s too soon to see any real effect) since this happened, people are still really unsure what this means for the global economy, and other side affects this could cause all over the world. In this…

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RealLife Radio #142 – Getting Married in English

Independent of what language you speak, where you were born, or if you are religious or not, love is something that affects us all. In this episodes of the podcast we talk all about getting married and how weddings are celebrated in western culture. This will be a great lesson to help fill your vocabulary…

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RealLife Radio # 137 – Going to the Doctor in English

Have you ever need to go to a doctor in an English speaking country, but felt worried about communicating your health problems in English. In this episode we are going to help your feel more confident when visiting the doctor, preparing you with all the necessary vocabulary needed to explain common symptoms, aches, pains, and…

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RealLife Radio #136 – What’s Up Homie? (23 Home Expressions)

Have you ever been homesick? Or found a nice little home away from home? In this podcast lesson we are going to be breaking down (explaining) more than 23 expressions related to home, teaching some connected speech pronunciation, and helping you all feel much more at home when speaking English. Also, check out the video from…

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RealLife Radio #135 – Abbreviations In Australian English

Grab yourself a cuppa (a cup of tea/coffee) because this podcast is going to be a bloody ripper (really good)! Chad and Ethan talk about Chad’s experience returning to Australia after living in Brazil for such a long time, and you will also learn about how Australians abbreviate lots of common words. We would love to…

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RealLife Radio #124 – Cooking with the RealLife Guys

Do you consider yourself a master chef? Would you know how to name all the equipment in a kitchen? Unfortunately we are not going to help you become a better cook, but we will at least help you with some new cooking vocabulary, teach you some very important aspects of native pronunciation, and hopefully help…

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RealLife Radio #120 – English in Japan with Drew Badger

In this episode or RealLife Radio we have another special guest, the founder of English Anyone, Drew Badger! In this interesting conversation you are going to learn all about Drew’s adventures with Japanese culture and his unique teaching style, which he uses to teach Japanese babies English!! If a Japanese baby can speak English, you…

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RealLife Radio #119 -16 Ways to Say Beautiful in English

Do you agree with the expressions beauty is in the eye of the beholder? In this episode of RealLife Radio we will take you though 16 different ways to say ‘beautiful’ and teach you all the little differences between each word. Using the wrong word in a situation can lead to a very embarrassing moment,…

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RealLife English Podcast 115: A New Way of Education

Ever thought the education system was ‘F’-ed up? We always have and in this week’s podcast we talk a little bit about what we think is wrong with the way the education system works. Join our Fluency Course ‘Fluent with Friends’ Free Download  Download & Listen on Your Mobile: iTunes for Apple | Stitcher for Android   Direct Download: Right…

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