#40 – Trevor’s Last Podcast—5 Ways to Say Goodbye

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Words You’ll Learn

  • M.I.A.
  • The Maharishi Effect
  • For old times’ sake
  • The DMV
  • Split
  • Beet

Words to Know

  • Transcontinental airplane – a plane that flies between continents
  • Break up – end a relationship (usually a romantic one)
  • Synchronized – doing something at the same time (often in different locations)
  • Two-timing – someone who cheats on their husband or wife
  • Infidelity – same as above
  • Blow you away – impress you
  • Twinge – a brief experience of an emotion (often unpleasant)
  • Wandering (mind) – when you have difficulty focusing on one thing
  • Ramblings – lengthy, confusing, irrelevant talks


  • Peace (out)
  • Catch ya later / catch ya on the flip side
  • Take it easy
  • Hit the road
  • Let’s split

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  • adonis says:

    I’ve subscribed on the international beat.
    Good Luck Trevor!

  • Silvia says:

    Hi Trevor!
    I’m a relatively new follower of Real Life, so I haven’t been listening to you for such a long time, but be assured, I’LL MISS YOU A LOT!
    Anyway, I really admire you for your project, and I think there must be something in it. As a Catholic, I have experienced the power of prayer and meditation a lot of times, especially when you are in a group. And what about the day of universal prayer and fasting which was called out by Pope Francis to stop the impending war against Syria? Not everybody will believe it, but the war was avoided, and it was an incredible emotion to feel that you were praying together with million of people all around the world…
    So, GOOD LUCK and HIT the ROAD! I’ll visit you at The Universal Beat.

  • Anny says:

    Although I have just started listening to your wonderful podcasts, I will certainly miss Trevor. Thank goodness we still have Chao, Justin, and Ethan. Thanks to all of you, I’m delighted. Great work. I love all of you

    • Agnieszka from RealLife English says:

      Hey Anny! Thank you very much for your warm words! We also miss the guys 🙂