5 Ways Travel Positively Impacts Your Life

kaplan travel thumbIt’s no secret how powerful and exciting travel can be for our language learning, and particularly your English fluency, but did you that travel positively impacts our lives in many other ways that might not be so obvious?

In fact, recent scientific studies have revealed that traveling is good for many aspects of your health, wellbeing, career, education, and even your love life.

 “Travel brings power and love back into your life.” -Rumi

Check out the infograph below from Kaplan International presenting some of the major benefits you get when you travel:

See the Original Article From Kaplan

kaplan travel

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  • NaNa Kim says:

    Great! I like travelling. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to travel yet, but that's definitely in my to-do-list 🙂

    • Justin says:

      You’re going to love it, Nana! What’s first on your list of places to visit?

  • Max Ahumada says:

    Traveling soon! Can't wait!

    • Justin says:

      Heck yeah! You are definitely an adventurer, Max! Looking forward to seeing you in Brazil!

  • Zulmira Andrade Rabelo says:

    Next week i'll travel to South Africa. Vocation…So i'll remember about this post and i hope to practise my english and improve my health. I loved every post that i read in RLE. Thanks

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