How to Understand Natives Without Subtitles

apollosAre you ready for the most INSPIRATIONAL lesson you’ve ever experienced?

Today we’re going to use a famous youtube video as our source material, a video that is so INSPIRING that over 7 million people watched it in just the first week. 

This lesson will not only inspire you to BE AWESOME, Chad and I will also teach you to understand 100% of of this fast speaking American WITHOUT SUBTITLES.

To do that, we’re going to use the RealLife Power Learning Method with a small sample lesson from our RealLife Audio Immersion Course, which we rarely make available to the public, so take advantage ;0) First, a short introduction to our power learning method:


  1. speedWATCH the 2 minute interview. It’s okay if you don’t understand. Relax, try your best, and feel free slow it down to 0.5 speed (see image to the right—>)
  2. STUDY the RealLife Audio Immersion Lesson. You will READ and LISTEN to the 8 minute audio, part by part, from the Power Lesson/ Transcript, where Chad and Justin will guide you through all key vocabulary and pronunciation.
  3. Once you feel comfortable with the material, WATCH and ENJOY the scene one final time.
  4. Have fun and enjoy the BONUS MATERIAL

STEP 01- WATCH (at 0.5 or full speed)

Like a lot of native speakers, this kid speaks FAST, but don’t feel bad. He connects his words, he shrinks them together, and he also uses a lot of slang. Relax, we’re going to

If you’re like most English learners, you were never taught how to process and understand native speech. But today we’re going to introduce you to a tool that will help you do exactly that.

STEP 02- STUDY (listen & read)

STEP 02: Now that you’ve watched it one time without subtitles, Chad and I are going to explain exactly what’s happening with an 8 minute sample lesson from the RealLife Audio Immersion Course.


  • Advanced: If your native listening comprehension is advanced, feel free to listen & read at the same time, or even just listen.
  • Intermediate: You may want to read and study before listening, and spend some time reviewing before watching the video again in step 3.
  • Basic: If you are able to read and understand this article, consider yourself intermediate.


Listen to Part 1 

LEFT COLUMN: Transcription | RIGHT COLUMN: Reference Glossary


Listen to Part 2


Listen to Part 3 


Listen to Part 4


Listen to Part 5


Listen to Part 6


Listen to Part 7


Listen to Part 8



Listen to Part 8



Finally, if you enjoyed Apollo’s interview, you’re gonna love the songified version of the interview!

RealLife Audio Immersion Course

The above lesson is a small sample of the RealLife Audio Immersion Course, in which Chad, Justin, and Ethan take you on a 41 week English fluency journey, guaranteed to dramatically improve your comprehension of the real English spoken by natives, and help you speak more confidently and naturally.

Every week for 41 weeks, you receive a lesson with the following materials: 

  • 30 minute MP3 Audio Lesson taught by us (same format as today’s lesson)
  • 30-40 Page PDF Power Lesson/ Transcript (same format as today’s lesson)
  • Vocabulary Training Lesson Teaching 30 Key Terms (not included in today’s lesson)
  • Plus access to the RealLife Fluency Circle, our all-star group of global citizen communicators from all around the planet!

If you completed today’s activity, you have a small taste of the RealLife Audio Immersion Course, which you can learn more about here.

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  • This is awesome. Great opportunity to hone my hearing skill. Are you gonna get more these videos with transcriptions? Thanks a milion.

  • Marcio says:

    That’s awesome guys. I downloaded all of the audios and I also studied them because, of course, there are new and unknown expressions for me. I really liked and I will use them with my students. Many thanks!!! It’s brilliant!!! Awwww-yeah…

    • Thanks Marcio and Aww Yeah :0) That’s Awesome that it was useful for you and I hope you have fun with it with your students. The topic is definitely a powerful one!

  • Remo says:

    Awsome !
    Love it so much ?

  • Joanne says:

    Great lesson! Even I had no problem to understand the guy without using subtitles or cutting the speed in half, I got a lot of needed information by having fun. I hate it when I repeat myself, but I can’t help it. You are fantastic! Hope anyone looking for an effective way to learn real English has the chance to take your courses. Keep amazing us!