The RealLife English Podcast #50 – Things Not to Do When Speaking English (with transcript and pronunciation lesson)

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Some Connected Speech Examples:

  • Would you – “Wou-dja”
  • I don’t know  – “I-dunno”
  • What do you think? – “Wha-da-ya-think?”
  • We can – “we-kin”

Words to Know:

  • Laugh your ass off – to laugh a lot
  • All of a sudden  – very quickly, without anticipation
  • Dilly-dallying   talking about irrelevent stuff
  • Without further ado – not continuing the introduction any longer
  • killer – impressive, with great impact


  • People 2 – “a fantastic podcast. Spontaneous, rich, deep. What separates this podcast from the other good ones is probably the length of the episodes and their density. That might not be perceptible immediately, but it’s a colossal work. Good job!”
  • Mortamid Nadia – “I thought that this podcast was a humorous one, once again, I’ve loved the transcript as well, as of course the podcast. For me, everything seems to be perfect. In the transcript, things are lucid and well explained. You guys have clarified it enough, I really have nothing else to say so far. Keep up the good work!”


  • “Dave Matthews Hitches Ride With Fan To Hershey Show After Getting Stranded On Pennsylvania Roadside!” – See article

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  • justme says:

    Hi there guys!
    Nice podcast!
    Could you please revise the transcript? I think the lyrics of “One Sweet World” are little bit odd 🙂

    • Justin says:

      Thanks for the input, Justme, we’ll take a look!