English Podcast #35 – Expressions with TRAVEL

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Words to Know

Braid– to tie hair together to make a thicker piece of hair
Pick up line– phrase used to attract a person you are interested in
Wuss/wimp– coward
Let someone down– to not fill expectations, disappoint
To kill something– to do a perfect job
Follow through with something– to do a job or task until you have finished without quitting
Deadline– to final time you have to finish something
Ask around– to ask many people the same question to get many opinions
Bumpy– turbulent, and unstable situation
All you can eat buffet– a buffet when you can eat as much as you want repetitive times
Staple– a small piece of metal used to hold pieces of paper together
Hardcore fan– fans who are really dedicated and don’t miss an episode


  • RLE party in Belo Horizonte was awesome as normal
  • The first RLE parties in Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona on the 19th of September

Shout Outs

  • Eduardo – Special shout out from RLE Podcast listener from Belo Horizonte


  • What’s the difference between luggage, baggage, suitcase and duffle bag 


  • Put the pedal to the metal
  • Whatever floats your boat
  • Jump ship
  • A rocky road
  •  Slippery slope
  • To go to town (on something)



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Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Road Tripping

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