The RealLife English Podcast #51 – Slang Expressions (with transcript and pronunciation lesson)

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Some Connected Speech Examples:

  • Would you – “Woul-dja”
  • I don’t know  – “I-dunno”
  • What do you think? – “Wha-da-ya-think?”
  • We can – “we-kin”

Words to Know:

  • Sneak up on you – an unexpected, surprise event
  • Leap year- every 4 years when the year has 366 days instead of 365
  • Check out- pay attention to something
  • Highlight- the most important, exciting moment of a certain period of time or an event
  • The thing is- used to introduce an explanation or clarification


  • A special thanks to Max Ahumada – Max (our long-time podcast listener) made a special appearance on this week’s episode!!


  • “Meet the Texas Man Who Wants to Beat Ellen’s Record-Breaking Oscar Selfie.” – See article

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  • Pamela says:

    Dear all,

    I really appreciate this type of mail with podcast in which I can improve my ear and my pronunciation. However, I am sure that I need to listen more and more type of this audio, with all news of the actuality in the world, for improving my English it is neccesary to receive this audios.

    Please continue with this program, they are very helpful for us.

    Thank you…

    Pamela from Santiago of Chile.

  • derling arias says:

    i really thank you for all the podcast that you supply me in wich i can inprovr
    my listening im complitely sure also i need type of audio with all the new of the actuality and also podcast about pronunciation i believe in this way i might inprove my inglish

    • Justin says:

      Hey Derling, I’m glad it’s useful for you! Thanks for listening and leaving a nice comment!

  • Sueraya says:

    Hi…so many thanks to Real Life English team for your very useful lessons. It’s very helpfull to me and for others who really want to learn english..and its all for free. Great job, God bless you.

  • Roberto Franco says:

    Hey guys, I’ve really enjoyed your podcasts. There’s one thing I’d like to comment to you: it’s about when Justin says in the intro “English should not be a dry…”. I can’t hear the word “should” and I think that’s connect speach as well, am I right? It looks to me like he doesn’t say that word, he swallows it, if I can say that.