The RealLife English Podcast #49 – Sports (with transcript and pronunciation lesson)

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Some Connected Speech Examples:

  • Would you – “Woul-dja”
  • I don’t know  – “I-dunno”
  • What do you think? – “Wha-da-ya-think?”
  • We can – “we-kin”

Words to Know:

  • howdy doody: funny way to say “how do you do.”
  • go along with: to follow.
  • insightful: full with details and new information.
  • book: (as a verb) to schedule a meeting with someone.
  • fair few: more than average.
  •  fluke: something that happens because of good luck.


  •  I big warm welcome back to our good friend and community administrator Rodrigo Penna!!!


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