The RealLife English Podcast #48 – The Hero’s Journey (with transcript and pronunciation lesson)

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Some Connected Speech Examples:

  • Would you – “Woul-dja”
  • I don’t know  – “I-dunno”
  • What do you think? – “Wha-da-ya-think?”
  • We can – “we-kin”

Words to Know:

  • Kick your feet up – get into a comfortable position
  • Okie Dokie – a silly way to say okay
  • Kick ass – awesome, fantastic
  • Step on someone’s toes – offend or irritate someone


  •  Thanks to Gosina from Germany, she said: “Hey, Freak of Nature Guys!!! After this kickass podcast I’m going to do some soul searching (awesome expression). BTW Next time you should use high protection sun cream. Just saying…”


  • Man survives after being lost at sea for 13 months eating birds, fish, and drinking turtle blood… wtf?? It’s a true story, check it out here.

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The Hero’s Journey & The Matrix

SONG: Hero (Foo Fighters)

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  • Tan Pham says:

    thats kickass

  • Gosina says:

    Puta merda! You’re some frickin’ nice Facebook stalkers. 🙂
    As you know, sharing too much stuff on Facebook is scary. You could be tracked down and hacked to death by a maniac… 🙂
    Woah! I’m totally overwhelmed and blown away from today’s shoutout, and of course from your awesome podcast. There are so many great and useful stuff I can use for my own story I’ve been writing for a while (just for me). Can’t show that anyone; people would think I’m off my meds.
    Ah yup, you guessed right, and you did indeed pronounce my name correctly. (I just left two letters out of my last name. Have to leave you now ’cause I need to listen to your podcast again and again.

  • Scott Lee says:

    your joke actally chew my ear off

  • Hiren says: