Real Life English Podcast #41 – Expressions Involving FIRE

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Words You’ll Learn

  • Pop in
  • Eager
  • In shape
  • Low blow
  • Put something out

Words to Know

  • Face-to-face – To be talking to someone in person
  • Yell – To make your voice really loud and sometimes aggressive
  • Hit below the belt – To punch someone in the lower region of their body (generally the balls)
  • Rumors – Stories told about people that aren’t necessarily true
  • Gotcha – Abbreviation for “I have got you” – I understand
  • Ladies man – A man who is good at attracting women’s attention
  • Be in labor – The stage before a women gives birth, has a baby


Shout Outs

  •  Amanda Oliveira
  • Anjin – 5 star iTunes review


  •  What’s the difference between “have” and “Take”? (Watch Video Below)


  • Fire in the belly
  • Fire someone up
  • Fight fire with fire
  • There’s no smoke without fire
  • Where’s the fire?


  •  Meetup with people and speak English in your city with


  •  Two fish in a tank…

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  • Fernando says:

    Hey Chad! Hey Ethan!
    Loved this podcast… very cool expressions with fire, very useful huh? Very nice, liked it a lot… can’t wait for the next one!

    See ya!
    Oooooh yeeeah.. haahahah