Maximize Your English Fluency With Quora

Thanks to all the advancements in technology it has become much easier to connect to the English language whenever you like, but are you using the right resources?

In this episode of RealLife TV you are going to learn about one of THE BEST online forums that will give you the opportunity to connect with English in inspiring, meaningful, and more importantly educational ways.

Using Quora on a daily basis will help you build a fun English habit that will expose you to people from all around the world and excel your English fluency. See full transcript below!

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Aww yeah what’s up guys and welcome to another episode of RealLife TV. Today I’m going to give you guys a cool new tip on how to connect your English to your life with a website called Quora.

So one of the things I am always telling my students to do to help their English fluency is just connect to the English language as much as possible.  Nowadays it is really easy but it can be very distracting if you don’t have a good resource. That’s why today I’m going to introduce you guys to my favorite online forum, which is called Quora.

The best part about Quora also is that if you guys have a smart phone it’s a really awesome and convenient app, so I definitely recommend you download it.

So Quora is a question and answer forum, I mean you can pretty much ask any question you like and it’s really cool because you can follow specific topics. For example you might want to follow English learning topics, maybe topics just about life in general, maybe something to do with sport or travel, but the beauty of this is that you get to follow a topic that really interests you and that is ultimately going to make you more interested and help start this daily habit of using Quora and hopefully really learn a lot of new words, expressions and vocabulary every day.

Quora is just like a social network, you can just sign up with Facebook if you like, and it’s great because you can see some of your friends on Quora, you can see some of the topics that they follow, that they find interesting. You can comment on topics that they have commented on and you can even write your own questions and share them with you friends.

A really good thing about Quora is that they are really focused on quality, so there’s no spam, there’s no advertising, and people tend to put a lot of effort into what they write so they really make sure it’s good quality content. And like I said, you are only going to follow subjects that you like so you’re not going to get flooded with information that is not important or not interesting for you.

Let me just give you a quick example of some of the question that some people ask on Quora. I have the app here on my cell phone and the topic that I chose today was life. So some of the questions here are:

  • What is something that every person should experience at least once in their life?

It has over 300 comments, another question:

  • What is the quickest way to get people to trust you?

Again, it has over 500 comments. And a really good thing about Quora is that you can vote on each response. So if you think that a response was really good you can vote on it and it will push that response to the top. So ultimately the first response that you see on any post is going to be probably the best or at least voted the best by other readers.

So whether you are a self-taught English learner or just someone who wants to be more immersed in the language, I definitely recommend that you sign up to it is probably my favorite forum, I use this all the time. And most of my students, people who I recommend use this website, they always get hooked, they get addicted, and it’s just a great way to have constant contact with the language, it’s stuff that you like, it’s really enjoyable and I’m really sure that it’s going to help you build a strong habit of having constant contact with the English language.

And just connecting to the language by doing things that you like, things that you enjoy, reading stuff you like is ultimately going to excel your English fluency and it’s going to be a lot of fun at the same time.

So that’s it for today’s episode of RealLife TV, this is more of a tip for all of you guys, I hope you really try it out. And, if you haven’t yet please subscribe to our YouTube channel, you’re going to get more video lessons and tips like this one. Also, check out our website you’re going to see all of our articles, other videos, and our podcasts which is another great way to connect to the English language.

Thanks a lot guys and I’ll see you next time on RealLife TV.

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  • Zulmira Andrade Rabelo says:

    Thank you Chad!!!

  • Marta Sala says:

    Thanks Chad! I'm going to look into quora fuorum. Sounds really awsome… will see if I can deal with it!

  • Ethan Zinho says:

    Using it with your Spanish, too Chad?