Fun English: Learn with the Song “Dick in a Box”

dick_in_a_boxIf you want to speak English like a native speaker, YouTube videos are a GREAT resource. They are funny and learning about English speaking cultures is just as important as learning English because you need to understand the people who speak the language.

These viral videos can be difficult to understand because of the variety of slang and expressions used, connected speech, and few of them have subtitles in other languages.

That’s why we’re going to take apart a popular American YouTube video, and help you understand it completely.

You’ll learn a bunch of new vocabulary and expressions. Most importantly you’ll hear how Americans speak in real life.

If you want to learn English the RealLife way then YouTube is a great resource. So let’s learn some English and have some laughs!

Speak More Fluently with YouTube

First, I want to warn you that some may find this video offensive. If you are easily offended, then please check out a different text by clicking, “Top English Articles.” Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

the Lonely IslandThe video is called “Dick in a Box.” It is by the band Lonely Island featuring Justin Timberlake. The group is famous for its comical hits (popular songs).

“Dick in a Box” was aired in 2006 on the television comedy program Saturday Night Live (a great resource for advanced English learners!). It immediately became a viral success.

Almost anyone you meet in the United States will know about “Dick in a Box.” It has even inspired Halloween costumes the last several years.

Timberlake and the Lonely Island have created several sequels to “Dick in a Box,” which I recommend you check out, too because they are hilarious (very funny)!

A Cultural Note

The word dick is a common way of saying penis. There are many words like this in English, read more about them here.

Dick can also be used to refer to someone who is impolite or who you don’t like. For example,

“Steve is a dick! He got drunk and punched me.”

“The waiter is ignoring us because we’re Brazilian. What a dick!”

People rarely use the word penis, except for in formal settings (like at the doctor’s, or speaking scientifically). It is much more likely that you’ll hear people use the word dick, like in this video.

This video is great for learning how Americans really speak because the lyrics are very colloquial. After understanding this video, you’ll find that listening to Americans is a little easier. You’ll see why in just a little bit.

Learning Fun English with the Lonely Island

Now let’s watch the video once before going into the difficult vocabulary. See how much you can understand the first time through.

Watch Here

Now that you’ve got some sort of idea about the video, let’s try to understand it better. Let’s go over the vocabulary that you will need to know:

Babe – A nickname for a girlfriend, boyfriend, or other loved one.

The CMA’s (The Country Music Awards) – Awards given every year for the country genre.

FellasAn informal way of saying fellows, which means boys or men.

Hanukkah – A Jewish holiday celebrated every year (usually in November or December).

A House in the hills – Refers to Beverly Hills, where many rich and famous people live near Hollywood.

Junk – another way of saying dick that is less offensive. It can also mean trash.

Kwanzaa – A holiday celebrated by African Americans in order to remember the African heritage and tradition. It is also celebrated around Christmas.

Lay it on the line – to speak frankly.

My heart is open wide – I am full of love or passion.

On (someone’s) mind – To be thinking about something.

Second to none – The best.

Something from the heart – a gift that is not necessarily expensive, but generally shows your love for somebody. For example, a child can paint his mom a picture of them together as a birthday present (it doesn’t cost him anything, but he took time to make it).

Wise – Extremely smart, full of wisdom

You’re my shining star – a nickname for a loved one (usually a girlfriend or boyfriend).

Now you should be able to understand a lot more of the vocabulary that the Lonely Island uses. So, let’s watch the video again, but this time, follow along with the transcript and notes below. You’ll learn some new things about American culture and a lot more about speaking like a native!
Here we go:

The Lonely Island (featuring Justin Timberlake) – Dick in a Box (uncensored)

Dick in a Box 1 Dick in a box 2 Dick in a box 3 Dick in a box 4

By mastering words like “gonna,” “wanna,” and “gotta,” you can greatly increase your understanding of native English speakers because we use them ALL THE TIME.

You can also implement them into your own speaking to make yourself sound more natural.

In Conclusion

If you want to speak and understand English more like a native, then it’s important to find ways to incorporate English learning into your everyday life.

Make English a Part of Your Life with our FREE Minicourse

You can watch videos on YouTube, listen to the RealLife Radio podcast, read a book, or watch popular TV shows. With these tools, your ability to understand English and speak like a native will greatly increase.

When you have fun learning English, it makes the process so much easier. So, find entertaining ways like this to improve your English!

It’s time to make it your goal to speak exceptional English!

Keep laughing and learning…

  • Chad Fishwick says:

    Hahaha… that was hilarious! I gotta watch all the other vids by these guys!

  • Chad Fishwick says:

    Hahaha… that was hilarious! I gotta watch all the other vids by these guys!

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  • Man, I learned a lot with this lesson!! So I wanna thanks a lot too.
    To complement, another words I heard a lot is: sort of, kind of, sort of like

  • Ethan Zinho says:

    So glad you enjoyed Charleston, YouTube videos are an awesome way to learn English 🙂