English Podcast #23 – Expressions related to ANNOYANCE

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Words to Know

  • Electrocuted – to be injured or killed by an electric shock
  • Earbuds – headphones
  • Stove – what you use to cook your food with fire
  • Chopped – cut through the base of something
  • Stick around – stay until the end
  • Viral – the rapid spread of something on the internet
  • Keep it up – continue doing a good job
  • Postman – someone who delivers mail
  • Poking – jabbing or prodding someone with something (usually your finger)
  • Rambling – talking about something in an unorganized and confusing manner.
  • Shenanigans – mischief, playing around
  • Mess up – to make a mistake
  • Handlebars – what you use to steer/direct a bicycle/motorcycle
  • Cracked – to break something without the parts completely separating
  • Reinforce – strengthen or support


Shout Outs

  • Practice your English while you get your haircut with expert Irish hairdresser, Simon
  • 30 Uncommon Ways to Learn English
  • Victor Cordero, originally from the Dominican Republic but living in Vietnam
  • Stoichka Varbanova, unknown location.
  • Yago Santiago, São Paulo, Brazil @yago_yago
  • Cecilia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Jordano, Minas Gerais, Brazil


  • What’s the difference between “a little” and “a few”? 


  • To walk on egg shells/walk on thin ice
  • Add fuel to the fire
  • Blow a fuse
  • Eat someone alive
  • Give someone a piece of your mind 


  •  How to best use this podcast to learn English


  •  Why is Santa so jolly (happy)?

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  • Steven Suarez says:

    The difference between “a few” and “a little” is that the first is countable and the other isn’t.

  • Anthony says:


    • Agnieszka from RealLife English says:

      Hi Anthony! How are you?