8 Popular English Idioms for School

School idioms are an important part of the English language. In fact, native speakers use them far past school. Many of these are even common in business settings. Native speakers use these unconsciously all the time and now you can too thanks to our good friends from Kaplan International.

Today we’re going to do a little brainstorm of the most popular English idioms for school. Relax, because you don’t need to hit the books like a bookworm to learn these awesome expressions. You just have to relax, have fun, and you’ll pass with flying colors. Have fun!

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Someone who reads a lot


To try to develop an idea or think of new ideas


Someone who copies the work of another

Hit the Books:

To begin to study hard

Pass With Flying Colors:

To pass something with a high score

Skip Class:

To not go to school when you should

Drop Out:

To stop attending school

Teacher’s Pet:

The teacher’s favorite student

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