Podcast Episode #33 – Expressions Related To People’s Character

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Words to Know

Kidnap – to steal a person
Ransom – money asked for when someone is kidnapped
Fleas – little bugs found on animals
Kick it off – to start with excitement
Blend – to mix and combine
Strict policy – rules that are taken very seriously
Map (Verb) – give structure to something and help you understand
Mediocre – something or someone very average or plain
Luxurious – things that represent wealth and are of high quality
Slack off – to be lazy and not work when you are supposed to
Dump someone – to end a relationship in a bad way
Suitable – appropriate and/or accurate
Cheesy – something of bad taste and/or out of style
The Boogeyman – a mythical character that lives in children’s closets
Stare down – look at someone in an intimidating way


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  • Average Joe
  • Class act
  • Good-for-nothing
  • Cold as ice
  • A cry baby 



  •  Chuck Norris jokes – See more here
                  (see video below)

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More Chuck Norris Joked – Read by Chuck Norris

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  • adonis marcos

    It’s very nice listening to you on podcasts … I’m glad ’cause each week I’m getting better.
    The positive thing in these podcasts is that you guys explain to the listeners the meaning of some words and expressions…
    I don’t have reasons to lie about it, so, it’s true!
    I’m really grateful with the possibility to learn the real English. Well-done!

    • Justin

      Thanks Adonis, it was nice to make the podcast. Keep up the good work and we’re grateful for not only your nice comment, but also your contributions to the community. Abraço

    • Justin

      Thanks Max, you deserve it!

  • Wallace

    Thanks guys for all your help you guys have been helping a lot people in the world to improve their own english in this website i’m so thankful for being here cthanks a lot

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