Real Life English Podcast #26 – Expressions with ANGER

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Words to Know

  • Burp- to expel gas from the stomach from mouth
  • Push up- movement used to workout your chest and arms
  • Full house- the place was very crowded
  • Head over- go to
  • Figure out- to solve a problem
  • Pound down- to drink a lot very quickly
  • Brainwash- make someone believe what you want them to believe
  • From the bottom of my heart- with total sincerity
  • Bullet- metal that you shoot out of a gun
  • Tie down- use rope to hold something still
  • Drug addict- someone addicted to drugs
  • Free solo rock climbing- rock climbing with no ropes; check out Alex Honnald
  • Fairy- small mythical woman who flies
  • Splatter- to splash with small blobs
  • My old man- my dad, father


  • Real Life Twitter has over 40,000 followers
  • The RLE party was a huge success
  • The RLE party will be in Rio in the near future
  • The second last yoga picnic

Shout Outs

  • Natalia – Russia
  • Monettchi – USA
  • Vinicius Arcanjo – Brazil


  •  What’s the difference between “earn” and “win?”


  •  A loose cannon
  • Are you out of your mind?
  • Have a bone to pick with someone
  • Away with the fairies
  • The shit hits the fan



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