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#339: Can You Speak Two Languages? Learn How This IMPROVES Your Health and Brain Capacity, and More!

By Ethan | May 29, 2023

Learning a second language such as English can certainly bring you benefits. Not only is it helpful to travel, but also for getting better work and study opportunities. But did you know that there are also health benefits to learning a second language? In today’s episode, Thiago & Cassé discuss some of the health benefits…

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#338: Why You Can Understand English, but Can’t Speak it — What You Need to Know to Unlock Your Speaking Skills

By Ethan | May 22, 2023

Do you understand English but can’t speak it fluently? You are not alone. Understanding a language involves the ability to comprehend words, phrases, and sentences when they are spoken or written. Speaking, on the other hand, requires not only comprehension but also the ability to form sentences, use grammar and vocabulary correctly, and pronounce words…

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#337: How to Raise a Bilingual Child, The Secret to Teaching English to Your Children, and More!

By Ethan | May 15, 2023

Many parents have the dream of making their child bilingual. There are definitely benefits to raising a bilingual child, but how do you go about it? What strategies should you adopt? In this episode, Thiago and Cassé discuss some of the main strategies parents use to teach their children a second language. This Podcast Episode…

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#336: How I Learn & Never Forget Words in English Watching Movies and Series, Showing Method in Practice with Netflix Series, and More!

By Ethan | May 8, 2023

In today’s episode, Thiago shares his favorite method (step by step) to learn English with movies and TV series. You will learn some tips and strategies you can use to get the most out of this media. Plus, you’ll see this method being applied live with a fun clip. This Podcast Episode is Also Available…

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#335: Understand Movies and Series in ENGLISH — How Natives Use the B-Word

By Ethan | May 1, 2023

One of the things successful English learners are able to do is understand language in various situations. And that includes understanding curse words. In today’s episode, we talk about all the various uses of the B-word in English and we share our take on cursing and swearing. While we don’t recommend using these kinds of…

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#334: Is Learning Grammar Boring to You?… Here’s How I Learn It (And Why I Simply LOVE IT!)

By Ethan | Apr 24, 2023

Most people don’t like studying English grammar because they think it’s boring. In today’s episode, Thiago (our fluency coach) will tell you why he loves grammar, and thinks it’s an awesome aspect of the language, and how YOU can learn it in a fun way. This Podcast Episode is Also Available in Video Format! Watch…

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#333: How Your Personal Values Define Your Life’s Destiny, Speaking Like Will Smith, and Exercising Curiosity

By Ethan | Apr 17, 2023

Our values are the principles that guide our thoughts, actions, and decisions. They shape our character and define who we are as individuals. Without a clear understanding of our values, we may find ourselves feeling lost, unsure of our purpose, and disconnected from what truly matters to us. In this episode, we’ll talk about the…

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#332: Want to Live in Another Country? Let’s Talk About Moving Abroad: Challenges, Preparation, Motivations

By Ethan | Apr 10, 2023

Sometimes all you need in life is a great adventure. In today’s episode, we talk about moving to a country where you don’t speak the language, taking a job opportunity abroad and how all that connects to your identity. This Podcast Episode is Also Available in Video Format! Watch it now: Words You’ll Learn in…

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#331: Do You Want to Change Your Accent?

By Ethan | Apr 3, 2023

In today’s globalized world, accent plays a crucial role in effective communication, making it imperative to address its importance in English language learning. Mastering YOUR English accent not only boosts comprehension and confidence but also helps you navigate social and professional settings with ease. But how do you go about working on your accent in…

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