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RealLife English Podcast #244 – Talking About Sleep | English Idioms & Vocabulary

By Ethan | Jul 29, 2021

We spend one third of our lives sleeping and it’s no wonder that there are so many great words we use instead of sleep in English. By learning them, you can be more specific about the way that you describe your sleep. We also use heaps of expressions related to sleep that can be confusing…

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Beyond Borders with Ethan #8: How to Achieve your Full Potential with Philosophy, Reflection and English Fluency | Leo Gomez

By Ethan | Jul 26, 2021

Leo Gomez, founder of Learn your English (.net), is an ESL teacher, trainer and entrepreneur. He has more than 20 years of teaching experience and has taught English in six different countries. Leo believes that individuals develop through reflection, experimentation and learning from their mistakes. Amazingly, he hasn’t used the course book to teach in…

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RealLife English Podcast #243 – Differences in School & University between UK, US & Australia

By Ethan | Jul 22, 2021

In today’s podcast episode, we are talking about differences in schooling in the USA, UK and Australia. It’s actually pretty shocking how different they are in these three English speaking countries. We will explain what the journey looks like through the schooling system in each country and important terms and vocabulary that you need to…

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Beyond Borders with Ethan #7 – She speaks 15 languages! How did she do it | Shannon Kennedy

By Ethan | Jul 19, 2021

Shannon Kennedy, from eurolinguiste.com, is an American entrepreneur, content creator, language learner and musician based in California. She’s a language expert and writer on various language learning platforms, such as Fluent in 3 Months and Drops, where she shares tips and challenges to help learners apply the concepts of minimalism to maximize their efficiency. Shannon…

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RealLife English Podcast #242 – No Time to Learn English? Use These Tips to Make it a Daily Habit!

By Ethan | Jul 14, 2021

“I don’t have time for English.” “I have so many things to do.” “Work is busy.” “I have lots of university assignments.” “In my free time, I want to relax, not be thinking about English.” Do you ever say these things to yourself? Do you not have time to learn English? We understand how you…

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Beyond Borders with Ethan #6 – How to Make English Useful and Interesting to You | Christina Lorimer

By Ethan | Jul 11, 2021

Christina Lorimer, christinalorimer.com, is an English instructor, materials writer, academic consultant, and entrepreneur. She is a specialist in English as a second language and has worked with NGOs and immigrant refugees for many years. She dedicates her work to support language learners in overcoming internal and systemic barriers to become confident English speakers. We talked…

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RealLife English Podcast #241 – 12 Funny English Expressions Kids Use

By Ethan | Jul 7, 2021

Today we have a very special podcast where we take a trip down memory lane (remember the past) and talk about expressions that we used to say as kids. These are funny playground expressions, some of which you’ve probably heard in kid shows or in family movies. As you’ll see the vocabulary and the language…

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Beyond Borders with Ethan #5 – Learn from Language Expert who Speaks 8 Languages and How to Learn English with Stories | Olly Richards

By Ethan | Jul 4, 2021

Olly Richards, iwillteachyoualanguage.com and langpreneur.com, is a polyglot online teacher, author, and entrepreneur. After buying a one-way ticket to Paris at the age of 19, there was no turning back on the language learning journey for him. Since then, Olly has learned more than eight languages fluently and has developed his own method, StoryLearning, to…

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RealLife English Podcast #240 – Do I Need to Have a Native Accent?

By Ethan | Jun 30, 2021

In this week’s podcast, we’re talking all about whether or not you SHOULD TRY to sound like a native and how this correlates with accent reduction, intelligibility, identity and your DEEPER PURPOSE for learning English. Is this a particular goal you have as part of your English language journey? Have you ever faced any prejudice…

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