RealLife Radio #62 – Using Bad Words Out on the Town

In this episode of RealLife Radio you are going to discover the most EXPENSIVE place to use bad words in the world!

Plus you’re gonna get a whole lot of new vocabulary all related to going out with friends and having fun, and the confusing difference between the words house and home.

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Super duper
  • Give something a twist
  • Cocky
  • A fine
  • Potty mouth
  • Profanity
  • Threaten
  • Tackle
  • All-nighter
  • Have a bender
  • Hungover
  • Make an ass of yourself
  • Chick flick
  • Hang out
  • Chill
  • Hit someone up/Hit a place up

Words to Know:

  • Gutter – the edge of a road or house roof where water runs
  • Dillydallying – taking a long time to do something, procrastinating
  • Bust out something – to reveil something, pull something out
  • Old school – something that was common in the past
  • A play – a theatrical show


  • Betty from Mexico  – “I want my shoutout!”

Random News Story:

Conversation Topic: Out on the Town

Some common way to ask people if they want to go out.

  • Do you want to grab a beer/coffee?
  • Do you want to hangout?
  • We should chill.
  • Can I get your digits/number/facebook?


  • What’s the difference between HOUSE and HOME????

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Song and Lyrics: Katchafire “Seriously”

Seriously, its been a long time 
Since I’ve heard from thee 
Since you dropped me a line 
Well I know 
What you’ve been going through 
And I know 
What I’ve been telling you 
Seriously girl give me another one 
Wo yeah 

I happen to know what’s gonna happen next 
The rhythm will pull you into this here jam 
I reckon the rhythm just can’t stop you moving 
And everywhere you look people be dancing near – yeah 

I don’t drive no flashy car 
I don’t wear no flashy ring girl 
You don’t see me trying bling bling girl yeah 
Give me another one…

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