Real Life English Podcast #37 – Dating Expressions

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Words You’ll Learn

  • Blind date
  • Potent
  • Testing the waters
  • a player
  • Talk yourself up
  • Drown out

Words to Know

  • Yours truly – expression to reference yourself
  • Apply – to candidate yourself
  • Grant – money given to organizations to accelerate their work
  • The shit – something that is really good (shit – something bad)
  • Flirt – To make playfully romantic or sexual comments to someone
  • Criteria – the requirements
  • Brag – to say good things about yourself
  • To take the floor – take control in explaining something
  • Disclaimer – denial of responsibility or connection
  • New Zealand – Country close to Australia where people have a funny accent


Shout Outs

  • The podcast fans Justin met at the RealLife Tripppin party in São Paulo – Fabiano Gomes,  Valdomir Batista da Rocha, Gui Gênova and  Adonis


  •  What’s the difference between dating and seeing someone?


  •  Play the field
  • Chat up
  • Hook up
  • Get turned down
  • Wingman



  •  I always keep a picture of my wife and kids in my wallet because…

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  • Wallace says:

    So simply the best podcast ever, you guys have been improving a lot the way u guys help ppl so it makes it easy to learn while you’re having fun because you don’t realize that you’re learning at the same time thanks a lot

  • Adonis says:

    nice to listen to you guys!
    so, i hope you next SP RLE Tripppin Party
    ’cause the last it was nice!

  • Sartaj Ahmed says:

    so easy to learn,understand means nice