Potty Talk: 22 Expressions with “Toilet” in English

Do you usually say, “I’m going to the toilet” in English?

Although saying this can be correct in some contexts, it can be overly direct or even rude–especially in American English.

It’s not necessary to restrict yourself to just this literal phrase when in English we have so many varieties of expressing this phrase. Today, I’m going to teach you everything from the most polite ways to say this, to the crass [rude] expressions that you’ll only want to say around the closest of friends.

Are you ready to learn some fun, and extremely useful English? Then let’s go!

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22 Expressions with “Toilet” in English

The following toilet related vocabulary and expressions are sorted from the most polite, to the rudest and most vulgar.


The following are appropriate in any situation:


–Example: I’m gonna [going to] go to the bathroom.


–Example: Where is the restroom?

Little boy’s/girl’s room

–Example: I’ll be right back, I need to use the little girl’s room.

Powder my nose

–Example: Excuse me, I need to powder my nose.


The following are appropriate with family or friends:


Example: Where’ the bathroom? I need to pee.

Tinkle (mostly used by older women)

-Example: I drank too much water! I have to go tinkle.

Go (when used in context)

Example: Where’s the bathroom, I really have to go!

Potty (Generally used by children)

-Example (noun): Where’s the potty?

-Example (verb): Mama, I have to potty.

Take a #1/#2 (number 1 refers to peeing, number 2 to pooping)

-Example: Person 1 – I have to go to the bathroom.

Person 2 – Number 1 or number 2?

My bladder is bursting (when you really have to go)

-Example: Stop the car! My bladder is bursting.


The following are appropriate only with friends


–Example: Where’s the John? I have to take a number 2.

Loo (UK – can be familiar or rude, depending on where you are)

–Example: I’ll be right back, I’m gonna go to the loo.


–Example: Hey man, where’s the crapper?

Take a leak 

–Example: He has to take a leak, where’s your bathroom?

Pee oneself (when you really have to go)

-Example: I’m about to pee myself, let’s go home.


-Example: Do you mind telling me where’s the can?


The following should only be used with close friends, if ever. Also remember that it is more common for men to use these expressions than women.


–Example: Man, where’s the can, I need to go shit.


–Example: He went to take a dump.


–Example: I’ve gotta [got to] use your shitter.


–Example: We drank a lot of beer and now we all have to piss.


–Example: Mind if I use your pisser?

Piss oneself (same as pee oneself, but cruder)

In Conclusion

Having a rich vocabulary is important, especially if you want to sound like a native. However, it’s perhaps even more important to know when to appropriately use these phrases, and not to sound rude in a second language.

So experiment with your English learning, and try using Anki to remember all of these new words and expressions.

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