Podcast #59 – World Cup, Football Fever, and Brazil

imgID6938425In this episode Chad, Justin, and Ethan talk about the new RealLife Global Social network, and how you can connect to the world through English.

Also, learn a lot of new vocabulary related to the World Cup and find out about what things are like in Brazil right now.

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Words You’ll Learn:

  • Addicted
  • Hooked
  • Rock something
  • Stream
  • An argument
  • Rivalry
  • Tee off
  • Stoke
  • Looking forward to something
  • Yankee
  • Underdog
  • Hold your own
  • Talk smack/shit
  • Push someone’s buttons
  • Scalper
  • Fever
  • Get some flack
  • Kick out
  • Trip somebody
  • Drama queen
  • Tag along

Words to Know

Bandwagon fan – a fan just because everyone else is
Moving up in the world – making improvements
Knock out – to beat a team and make them leave the competition
Ambiance – the atmosphere, environment
Get pissed off – become extremely angry
Master a language – become fluent
Gossip – Rumor or talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature
Tabloid news – unimportant news usually of celebrities lives
Hooligans – crazy football fans that can be aggressive and violent
Stats – Short for statistics
Keep you posted – Keep someone informed
Flourish – to reach a point of perfection, like a flower


ED Sant – Brazil: I’m addicted to the RealLife Podcast!!


RealLife English have just released the first version of their own social network! Sign up now and become an official member of the RealLife Global Platform.


  • Learn some football vocabulary and expression for the World Cup – See more here

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Song: Shakira (La La La) ft Carlinhos Brown

Essa bola vai rolar
Tudo é tapete verde
Quando a bola chega la
Coracao fica na rede, na rede, na rede
Olá [x2]

La la la la [x10]
I dare you
(Lego, Lego, Lego, Lego)

Feel how the planet’s
Become one
Beats like a drum
To the same rhythm

Hear the whistle
Kick the ball
The entire world
Soars like an eagle

In Rio we play
Like we dance
Only today
There’s no tomorrow

Leave all behind
In this place
There’s no space
For fear or sorrow

Is it true that you want it
Then act like you mean it
With everyone watching
It’s truth or dare can you feel it

La la la la la
I dare you
(Lego, Lego)

You have arrived
It’s the place
No more doubts
The time is coming

Feel how the planet’s
Become one
Like a drum
Destiny’s calling

German, Colombians
Spanish and French
Off the bench
You gotta own it

Down here we play
Like we dance
It’s Brazil
And now you know it

Is it true that you want it
Then act like you mean it
With everyone watching
It’s truth or dare can you feel it

La la la la la
I dare you

Is it true that you want it
Then act like you mean it
The whole world is watching
It’s truth or dare can you feel it

La la la la la
I dare you

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  • María Alicia Maldonado says:

    Really useful to work on it with my teacher trainees.
    Thanks for sharing!.

  • Thank you! I'm going to be addicted to the RealLife Podcast!!!

  • Luciana Caccese says:

    I still cant listen to them… 🙁

  • João Leite says:

    Hi Chad,,
    First of all, thank you very much indeed to share with us all English we need for making us safer. In fact, this is the first one I listen to and I might say is quite substantial and useful. For those who like languages, like me, I never lose a chance to learn something new. As I also speak French, Spanish and Italian, there's no doubt that English is the one I use a lot, working an aviation and also to keep in touch with my friends around the world. I hope to be in one of the parties you offer in São Paulo. Cheers!!!

  • merci pour ton post les français te saluent