Podcast Episode #32 – Start the RLE movement in your city

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Words to Know

  • Numb- when you can’t feel your body because it’s really cold
  • Brain freeze– a sudden headache caused by cold drinks
  • Street cred- a good reputation on the streets
  • Dilly dallying- wasting time on silly things
  • Adam’s apple- the round part of a man’s throat
  • Tuned / Untuned- when a instrument sounds really good or bad
  • Humble- Someone who is very modest
  • Struggle- To progress with difficulty
  • Multifaceted- to have many different aspects
  • Boost- a push to help you get better or higher
  • Internship- a training period for business professionals
  • Go over- to cover or talk about a particular topic
  • Stoked- excited and enthusiastic
  • Chill- very relaxed


  •  The RLE party has become famous Belo Horizonte (BH).
  • How to Start the Real Life English Party in Your City

News Report in Portuguese 

Shout Outs

  •  5 star review from  Russia (Irene)


  •  What’s the difference between the two “TH”  sounds in English.


  • Have a blast
  • Hit it off
  • Variety is the spice of life
  • Hold your own
  • A shot in the arm



  •  “The people who are crazy enough to change the world are the ones who actually do”  -Steve Jobs

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  • Yeah, that apparition of yours on TV was too short! Yet we could see how refreshing and fun RLE meetups are 😉 keep it up guys you're doing it great!

    • Justin says:

      Thank you Tayane! We hope to see you out here in BH AND you guys rockin’ Bahia!