Music to my Ears: 8 English Idioms about Music

English expression ring a bell

Is English music to your ears [something that sounds pleasant]?

One of the very best ways to improve your English is with music. In fact, at the RealLife English Fluency Center, it’s one of the top resources we use to help our students learn and improve their English. Music can help us improve our pronunciation, learn new vocabulary, learn grammatical structure, and fall in love with the cultural aspects of the language!

8 Idioms Related to Music

So, as you can see, music is an extremely important part of the English language. It’s not surprising, therefor, that many music related idioms have found their way into our everyday speech.

The team from Kaplan  have creatively made this funny illustration to help you all familiarize yourselves with some of the most common ways that music is referenced in everyday conversation. Click here to see this infographic on the Kaplan website.
Music Idioms Kaplan

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  • Marcio Guerguen says:

    That just give “ring in the bell”, I’m not sure if taht was the right sentences I watched it in Snoopy, when Linus was talking to a certain little red hair girl whose Charlie Brown was falled in love. I tried everything under the sun to understand the meaning of that speech point, but was useless, around the 90’s without ethernet just like we have got now! I have got a special feeling when watch Snoopy on tv and remebered these idioms.

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