Learn English with Comic Strips—Garfield the Cat

If you want to master the English language, you need to fall in love with the culture. Whether it’s music, TV shows, movies, or comic strips, the more you can enjoy English media, the quicker you’re going to learn English.

Here at Real Life English, we believe language learning should be fun. It shouldn’t be a chore (something you feel obligated to do), it should be something you GET to do (as a privilege).

What better way to enjoy learning the English language than to learn through comic strips like Garfield?

For those who don’t know, Garfield is a lazy, lovable  orange cat who has an obsession with eating, and a hatred for Mondays and diets. Why Garfield hates Mondays is a mystery because he is a cat, and therefore doesn’t work. Nevertheless, Garfield’s disdain for Mondays helps readers connect with him.

The strip focuses mostly on the interactions and adventures (or lack thereof) of Garfield, Jon (his owner), and Odie (the dog), but there are other minor characters as well.

Though it began as a comic strip, Garfield has also had two animated television series, two live-action films and three animated movies.

One of the reasons the strip has become so popular is because of its lack of social or political commentary. It’s easy for anyone to enjoy.

So without further ado (i.e. without anymore discussion), let’s have some fun learning English with Garfield!


Before each comic, you see the title “Words to Know” which will include any words expressions you might have trouble with. Knowing these words beforehand will help you to better understand the jokes.

Words to Know


Like this—here let me show you.

Words to Know

Cutting back—to lessen the amount. For example, I’m going to cut back on watching television.

Words to Know

Hand over—give me

Man card—when someone acts way too much like a woman, you can jokingly ask for their man card, implying that they are no longer a man. (Note: a man card does not actually exist)

Words to Know

I hear you—I agree with you

Words to Know

Looking forward—excited for the future, anticipating a future event.

Words to Know

We’re out of—we have no more

Appoint—assign a job

Cut down—lessen the amount (same as cut back)

Overreactive—responding more emotionally than is justified

Words to Know

Get something over with—to quickly finish an unexciting activity.

Words to Know

Frolic—to play/walk about happily and excitedly.

Hang out—to stay and have fun

Words to Know

Clean slate—A chance for new opportunities, a fresh start.

Words to Know

Breaking up—when you can’t hear someone on the phone because of bad service/reception

Words to Know

Figure out—understand


Words to Know

I stand corrected—what I just said was just proved to be wrong

Make Comics a Part of Your Every Day Life

If you enjoy comics like Garfield check out the official website where they have hundreds of new comics for free as well as new ones every day.

Spending just 5-10 minutes every day reading comics like Garfield and Calvin and Hobbes, is a great way to improve your vocabulary and deepen your sense of English speaking cultures and their sense of humor. 

Interested in learning more English through comic strips? Check out the article Learning English With Comic Strips—Calvin and Hobbes.

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